Stefan Schumacher

Circuit Cycliste Sarthe 2006 2 stage wins Giro d' Italia 2006 Eneco Tour 2006 Amstel Gold Race 2007 3rd place World Cup 2007

Stefan Schumacher ( born July 21, 1981 in Ostfildern- Ruit ) is a German racing cyclist.

Beginnings and training

The son of a doctor played in his youth football at FV 09 Nürtingen and walked beside the cycling hobby into a club after. The real passion for cycling was, according to Schumacher in 1995 aroused when he pursued the fifth Tour de France victory of the Spaniard Miguel Indurain on television.

Schumacher lives in Nürtingen. In 2000, he completed his schooling at the local Hölderlin -Gymnasium.

Professional career

Schumacher started his professional career in 2002 with Team Telekom. Since 2003 he was often injured and was able to achieve any success, he moved to the 2004 season for GS- III team Lamonta. There he was, inter alia, the Second German cycling championships behind Andreas Klöden.

In 2005 he moved to Shimano - Memory Corp and won the Tour of Lower Saxony and the Ster Elektrotoer. When ProTour race Amstel Gold Race, he reached a 16th place.

In 2006, he joined the team Gerolsteiner. He won the five-day tour of Circuit Cycliste Sarthe. On 8 May 2006 he decided the third stage of the Giro d' Italia itself, which he ever took over as the seventh German the pink jersey of the overall leader's. On May 25, he was another, the 18th stage, decide for yourself, after he won the sprint of a five-man breakaway group. With the Eneco Tour (formerly Benelux tour) he won in August another multi-day tour just using the time bonus for third place in the final sprint of the final stage. However, controversy was a strong flick of Schumacher 100 meters before the finish line, causing the to date with three seconds overall leader of the standings, George Hincapie, came to this case and has been intercepted by the four Sekundenbonifikation of Schumacher. Despite protests of the American Discovery Channel team to George Hincapie Stefan Schumacher was declared by the jury for not guilty, because he had a fan who had leaned too far over the gang escape with his swerve. Only a few weeks later, he won the overall title of the Tour of Poland and won the last two stages. At the end of the season he was in tenth place in the overall ranking of the UCI ProTour 2006.

In his second season with the team Gerolsteiner in 2007 Stefan Schumacher celebrated his hitherto greatest success by winning the Dutch -day classics Amstel Gold Race, in which he came to the goal before his teammate Davide Rebellin. In the cycling world championships in Stuttgart near his home with the bronze medal Schumacher scored another big success.

On June 27, Schumacher was behind Bert Grabsch second at the German Championships in the time trial. On July 8, he won the fourth stage of the Tour de France in the time trial in Cholet and took thereby also the yellow jersey of the overall leader. The yellow jersey he could defend a day on the stage from Cholet to Chateauroux later, it lost but then on the 6th stage 300 meters from the finish by a fall after he had touched the rear of Kim Kirchen, who took over the yellow jersey. On July 26, he won the second time trial, the 20th stage of the Tour de France, ahead of the reigning world time trial champion Fabian Cancellara and the Luxembourg time trial champion Kim Kirchen. These results were canceled due to his doping case ( → Stefan Schumacher # doping).

After the expiration of his doping ban was in September 2010, Schumacher's comeback to the Italian team Miche - Guerciotti. For the third-class Continental team, he finished in 2011, among others, the 8th place in the overall standings of the Settimana Internazionale, on the first leg of the Tour of Asturias he finally achieved his first victory after the lock. In this tour he achieved yet another stage win, he also won a little later two stages of the Tour of Azerbaijan for themselves. In 2012, Schumacher joined the Danish team Christina Watches - Onfone, which was formed by Michael Rasmussen. He succeeded in attaining victory at Tours in Serbia and China.


In Rhineland -Palatinate Tour 14 May 2005 Schumacher was positive for doping, namely tested the stimulatory agent Cathin. These were, however, a receipt for which was justified by the assumption that the stimulating effect would impact on relieving the symptoms of an attested pollen allergy ( rhinitis, asthma ) and was previously classified by the Dutch anti-doping agency to be safe. On 3 August 2005, the acquittal was made by the German Cycling Federation. The victory of the tour, however, was denied him.

One of Stefan Schumacher five days before the World Championships, on 25 September 2007, given blood sample exhibited various elevated levels, including a hematocrit of 50.5 %. Schumacher stated that value with a diarrheal illness. The cyclist should have been occupied by UCI regulations with a protective barrier for the road race in the pros at the World Championships in Stuttgart, but with a reference to a value below the limit of 17 g / dl hemoglobin value ( measured 16.9 g / dl did not happen ) and taking into account the upcoming cycling world championships as well as a test later made ​​below the critical value of 50 % of the UCI and the German Cycling Federation ( BDR). So he was allowed to start and finished in third place. On 10 October 2007, the BDR explained that the urine sample of the cyclists was negative.

Immediately after the World Cup 2007 was found in a following a car accident in October 2007, Schumacher's blood analysis in January 2008, traces of amphetamines. Sports Legal consequences did not arise for Schumacher characterized as the drug is not taken out of competition as doping.

On 22 February 2009, Schumacher from the French Anti- Doping Agency ( ADFL ) because of a positive doping tests on the blood doping agent CERA (EPO) at the 2008 Tour de France banned for two years. This lock was initially for all races in France. On 6 March 2009, the International Cycling Union UCI took the lock of the French Federation. In January 2010, the ban by the International Court of Sport until August 27, 2010 has been set.

On 29 April 2009, the BDR said that Schumacher tested positive for CERA doping during the 2008 Olympic Games at a follow-up (A- sample). The result of the A sample was confirmed in July 2009 in the analysis of the B sample. In November 2009, Schumacher was deleted from the result lists of the 2008 Olympic Games. In April 2010, he took his opposition back against this decision.

In an interview with the magazine Der Spiegel end of March 2013 Schumacher was the first time to taking EPO, growth hormones and corticosteroids. Taking performance-enhancing substances he had already begun early 20s. Schumacher also explained a part of the time employed by the Gerolsteiner team sports doctors have coordinated the supply of doping substances. You could also issued false prescriptions for painkillers and cortisone agent. Schumacher accused the former team boss Hans -Michael Holczer to be " Right in the picture " been through all of this, what Holczer had always denied.

2013 fraud trial was conducted against Schumacher before the Regional Court of Stuttgart. He was to have fraudulently obtained fraudulently from the accusation 151,462.50 euros salary for three months by means of doping by his team, from the Court doubts that the Gerolsteiner team management knew about Holzer 's Doping acquitted. The ruling was expected as the German precedent for criminal prosecution dopender professional athletes.

Key Achievements

  • Lower Saxony Tour 2005
  • Ster Elektrotoer 2005
  • Circuit Cycliste Sarthe 2006
  • Tour of Poland 2006
  • Eneco Tour in 2006 and winner of the youth classification
  • Bavaria tour 2007
  • Serbia Tour 2012
  • Tour of China II 2012
  • Silver at the German road Radmeisterschaft 2004
  • Amstel Gold Race 2007
  • Bronze in the road race in the World Cup 2007
  • Sachsen-Tour 2006: Stage 1
  • Eneco Tour 2006: Stage 1
  • Tour of Poland 2006: 2 stages
  • Giro d' Italia 2006: 2 stages and 2 days pink jersey
  • Tirreno- Adriatico 2007: 1 stage and 1 day Yellow Jersey
  • Tour of Bavaria 2007: 1 stage
  • Tour of Bavaria 2008: 1 stage
  • Asturias Tour 2011: two stages
  • Azerbaijan Tour 2011: 2 stages
  • Tour de Serbie 2012: 1 stage
  • Tour of China I 2012: 1 stage ( team time trial )
  • Tour of China II 2012: 2 stages
  • Tour d' Algérie 2013: 1 stage
  • Sibiu Cycling Tour 2013: Stage 1
  • Tour of China 2013 I: Prolog ( Prolog is not part of the overall standings and the UCI Asia Tour )


  • 2002-2003 Team Telekom
  • 2004 Team Lamonta
  • 2005 Shimano - Memory Corp
  • 2006-2008 Team Gerolsteiner
  • Miche - Guerciotti 2010-2011
  • Since 2012 Christina Watches - Onfone