Stefan Soroka

Stephen Soroka (Ukrainian: Стефан Сорока, born November 13, 1951 in Winnipeg, Canada), Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the United States and Archbishop of Philadelphia.


Stephen Soroka was born on 13 November 1951 as the son of a Ukrainian immigrant family in Winnipeg. After finishing school he studied at the University of Manitoba and the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC He completed his studies with a Master of Theology. His priestly formation took place in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Seminary of St. Josaphat in Washington DC On June 13, 1982 he consecrated Archbishop Maxim Hermaniuk of Winnipeg as a priest in the archeparchy Winnipeg. In 1985, he earned a doctorate in sociology.

Auxiliary Bishop in Winnipeg

From 1984 to 1993 he worked as a judge at the archbishop's court of Winnipeg. In 1994 he took over the leadership of the Archbishop's office and from 1996 to 1998 Head of the Financial and Economic Department at the archbishop's Ordinariate of Winnipeg. With simultaneous appointment as Titular Bishop of Acarassus he was appointed on 29 March 1996 in the office of auxiliary bishop in Winnipeg. The Archbishop of Winnipeg, Michael Bzdel CSsR, and the bishops Cornelius John Pasichny OSBM of Saskatoon and Volodymyr Walter Paska, Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia, consecrated him bishop on June 13, 1996.

Metropolitan and Archbishop

His appointment as Metropolitan Archbishop of Philadelphia, he received on 29 November 2000, the solemn inauguration was celebrated on 27 February 2001. Archbishop Stephen Soroka was Mitkonsekrator at:

  • Hlib Lonchyna MSU titular bishop of Bareta ( Auxiliary Bishop of Kyiv - Halych )
  • Richard Stephen Seminack Bishop of Saint Nicolas of Chicago,
  • John Bura titular bishop of Limisa ( Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia ),
  • Dionisio Lachovicz OSBM Titular Bishop of Egnatia ( Auxiliary Bishop of Kyiv - Halych ) and
  • Meron Mazur OSBM titular bishop of Simitthu ( Auxiliary Bishop of São João Batista em Curitiba, Brazil).