Stefani Werremeier

Stefani Werre Meier ( born October 17, 1968 in Osnabrück) is a former German rower who won an Olympic silver medal in 1992.

Stefani Werre Meier began her career in Osnabrück rowing club, after the Olympic Games in 1992, she moved to the rowing club Saarbrücken. In 1986, she finished with the eighth to second place at the Junior World Championships. In 1988, she was the Olympic team for Seoul as Ersatzruderin.

In 1989 she formed together with Inge Burg Althoff one of two without coxswain and won at the German Championships. At the World Championships in 1989, the two took third place, it won Kathrin Haacker and Judith Zeidler from the GDR. 1990 defended Althoff and Werre Meier their title. At the World Championships in Tasmania for the last time occurred at two German teams, Althoff and Werre Meier won in their boat class the world title. Since 1974 world championships were held in the women's rowing for the first time, the GDR had been the leading rowing nation. Rowers from the Federal Republic of Germany had previously won only in the non-Olympic lightweight world champion title, Werre Meier and Althoff were the first rowers from the Federal Republic, the world champions were in an Olympic boat class.

1991 won the two rowers again at the German Championships. At the World Championships in Vienna were subject to both the Canadians Marnie McBean and Kathleen Heddle and received after bronze in 1989 and gold in 1990 now the silver medal. 1992 Inge Burg Althoff had married and now stood as Ingeburg Schwerzmann. After winning the German fourth league title in a row, the two met at the 1992 Olympic Games already in the run to the Kandierinnen who won the race also. In the final, the Canadians were also not beat Werre Meier and Schwerzmann could win the silver medal just before the boat from the United States. The career of the successful Zweiers ended.

1994 Stefani Werre Meier went to the World Championships in Indianapolis with the German eighth and won her second world title in 1995 ranked the eighth in Tampere fourth place. For the 1996 Olympic Games Stefani Werre Meier returned together with Kathrin Haacker back to the two. The two won the German league title and also reached together the Olympic finals, where they finished with almost five seconds behind bronze fourth place.

Stefani Werre Meier, Ph.D., is a practicing physician and general practitioner in Saxony- Anhalt.