Steinberg (Kaufunger Wald)


The Steinberg in the northern Hessian Werra- Meißner-Kreis is an approximately 585 m above sea level. NHN high mountain on the high altitudes of the Kaufunger forest.

Not to be confused is the Steinberg the Grand Steinberg ( 541.8 m), Small Stone Mountain ( 541.9 m) and Steinberg head (about 532 m), which, on average, 11 km ( straight line ) to the northwest in the natural park Munden belonging part of the purchase Unger Forest are.

Geography and Mining

In the eastern part of North Hessen, the wooded crest of the basalt stone mountain is located in the Natural Park Meissner Kaufunger forest. It rises between the near Großalmerode in the south and 6 km northern Kleinalmerode. About 1 km north- north-east, the Bilstein is ( 641.2 m).

Directly west of the mountain top are the stone mountain lakes, two mining lakes that have filled after the end of the degradation with water and spread out below some steep towering walls of rock; Traces of its former mining, in which hiesig also brown coal was mined and lasted until well into the 20th century, and elsewhere on Steinberg to detect.

Not far west of the stone mountain lakes springs the Nieste, a tributary of the Fulda. A few hundred meters north of Steinberg's are a refuge as well as one - Bolz, barbecue and playground.

Nature Spatial allocation

The Steinberg belongs to the physiographic feature unit group Osthessisches Bergland (No. 35 ) or in the main unit Fulda- Werra- Bergland ( 357 ) for natural space Kaufunger Forest Plateau ( Front Kaufunger Forest) ( 357.71 ).

Transport links and walking

To reach the Steinberg is best from the south via the between Großalmerode and Helsa - Wickenrode of the federal highway 451 which branches off to the manor Giesenhagen Kohlenstraße. From the car park at the end of which it is an approximately 15 minute walk there. Who twice as long from there runs about further north, reaches the aforementioned Bilstein Bilstein tower with a lookout tower.