Steinberg Nuendo

Nuendo is a sequencer and primarily a digital Tonsignalbearbeitungsprogramm the German company Steinberg. It has the essential functions, derived from the same manufacturer program Cubase. For example, there is direct support for surround sound production, which is why this program is often used for audio dubbing of films, and network administrative functions, additional automation and control systems, recording lengths that go beyond the so-called daily limits of the timeline, customization of video material to the audio recordings, using multiple recording media within a project and integration or compatibility with specific, standard international Nachvertonungswerkzeugen. Only professional grade printing, note editor, drum editor and the included in the product series Cubase virtual instrument plug-ins have to be purchased by an expansion kits.

Nuendo is available for the operating systems Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

For the recording and playback of audio is a sound card, preferably with fast ASIO driver needed. For the recording of MIDI data a corresponding interface must be connected to the computer. About MIDI external tone generators (eg synthesizer ) and MIDI input devices (MIDI keyboard, MIDI guitar, MIDI controller, etc.) can be connected to the PC and it is the sound - editing software.

Regarding the file format compatibility rules, a document created with versions of Cubase project can thus also with Nuendo opened easily, this also applies vice versa.

In order to prevent unauthorized disclosure of the programs, Steinberg dongle is a copy protection for its programs. Nuendo uses USB dongles, the technology has to Steinberg purchased in October 2008 by the German company Syncrosoft.