Steinkopf (Fuldatal)


The stone head is about 250 m above sea level. NN high mountain ridge in the southern part of the Central Mountains Reinhardswald in the district of Kassel, Hesse ( Germany ).

There is also the Reinhardswald the stone head in the north- western part of the Gutsbezirks Reinhardswald and the stone head in the southeast part of the Gutsbezirks Reinhardswald.

Geographical location

The stone head is located in the district of Fulda valley between south-west to bend Hagen and the east located Wilhelmshausen. It rises as the outermost Südsüdwestausläufer of Gahrenbergs ( 472.1 m above sea level. NN ) on the west located Osterbach, which flows into the south the mountain passing Fulda. A forest trail junction, the 150 meters north of its tip lies in the rising grounds of the Reinhard Forest, located at 262.6 m above sea level. NN.

Nature reserve and castle kink Hagen

On stone head extends with significant heath site the nature reserve Termenei. On the Südsüdwesthang once stood the medieval castle kink Hagen.

Hiking, transport, leisure

North-east past the stone head that belongs to the state forest Gahrenberg, the section Holzhausen- Fulda valley of the trail Brothers Grimm trail runs. South of the mountain spur leads around the country road 3239, which connects among others buckling Hagen with Wilhelmshausen. In knoll near there ever a camping and barbecue area and a shelter.