Community director Ewald Spreen 49448 Stemshorn

Stemshorn is a municipality in the district of Diepholz in Lower Saxony.

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Geographical Location

Stemshorn lies in the nature park Dumber near the Dümmer and Stemweder mountain between Osnabrück and Bremen. The municipality is part of the velvet municipality of Old Lemfoerde Office, which has its administrative headquarters in the spots Lemfoerde.


Parish council

The municipal council of Stemshorn consists of nine council women and councilors.

  • Wählergemeinschaft 9 seats

(As at municipal election on September 11, 2011)


The honorary mayor Hildegard Grönemeyer was first elected on 9 September 2001.

Coat of arms

Blazon: In red two diagonally - crossing vierzinkige golden Aalstecher with gold border stems that are occupied in the sign with a bewulsteten golden buffalo horns.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Richard Ey (* March 8, 1923, † April 4, 1990 Lemfoerde ), politician (FDP, CDU)

Economy and infrastructure


To the west of the municipality runs the federal highway 51, ​​Bremen, Diepholz - Bohmte, Osnabrück.


Land feature is that Stemshorn is the parish church in the municipality Dielingen, so falls within the evangelical church circle Luebbecke the Evangelical Church of Westphalia.