Stéphane Ratel Organisation

The SRO Motorsports Group is an organization that is primarily engaged in the promotion of racing series. It was not founded in 1995 as Stéphane Ratel Organisation of Stéphane Ratel and has its headquarters in London.

Initial organized the SRO from 1995 Lamborghini Diablo Super Trophy. Ratel himself was also in 1994 co-founder of the CPD, which in 1995 and 1996, an international championship for GranTurismos aligned himself with the BPR Global GT Series. This championship went in 1997 held under the auspices of the SRO in the FIA GT Championship and promoted on this until today.

In addition to the FIA GT organizes the SRO other series such as the FIA GT3 European Championship or even the GT 90s revival. These include numerous national GT series, as well as the ADAC GT Masters. This is of SRO Germany, managed in the hands of Jürgen Barth, another co-founder of the CPD.

For the year 2007, the former Belcar was acquired by SRO Belgium. SRO Belgium will host the Belgian GT Championship now called series. In addition, she was also charged me the alignment of the first season of the GT4 European Cup 2007.

More hosted by the SRO series are the French GT Championship, the British GT Championship and the Brazilian GT3 Championship of SRO Latin America. Also the British Formula 3 Championship is part of the SRO empire.

For 2009, two additional series were announced. In Germany and the Netherlands national championships should be held for the GT4. The German series was canceled due to the economic crisis, the Dutch started as gelplant.