Stéphanos II Ghattas

Stephanos II Ghattas Cardinal CM ( born January 16, 1920 in Sheikh Zein -el- Dine, Egypt, † January 20, 2009 in Cairo, Egypt) was Patriarch of Alexandria of the Coptic Catholic Church and a Cardinal of the Roman Church.


Andraos (Andreas, baptismal name ) Ghattas studied in Rome Catholic theology and philosophy and received priestly ordination in 1944. Subsequently, he taught philosophy and dogmatic theology at the seminary of Tahta 1952 and entered the Congregation of the Vincentians ( Vincentians ) a. After six years as a pastor in Lebanon, he was superior and economist of his order in Alexandria.

1967 elected him the Synod of the Coptic Catholic Bishops Bishop of Luxor ( Thebes). He received his episcopal consecration on June 9, 1967 Cardinal Stephanos I. Sidarouss CM, the Patriarch of Alexandria. In 1986 he joined the successor of Stephanos I.. Andraos Ghattas took after his election to the name Stéphanos II. On 24 February 2000, he met during his inauguration with Pope John Paul II in Cairo together; a meeting, had the special historical value.

Pope John Paul II took him in 2001 as a cardinal bishop in the College of Cardinals to. On 27 March 2006 he resigned for reasons of age by the patriarchate. Archbishop Antonios Naguib his successor was elected.