Stereo Mike

Stereo Mike (born 1978 in Piraeus as Mihalis Exarhos, Greek Μιχάλης Έξαρχος ) is a Greek rapper.

Born in Greece, he went as a 18 -year-old to England where he studied at the University of Leeds and the University of Westminster. Finally, he made four years after his " Bachelor of Music Technology " and its "Master on Sound Production". During his studies he worked as a producer at Vault Recording Studios in London. He produced there several rappers, including Klashnekoff, Skinnyman and Mike GLC. He also worked for the label AMG Records, which offered him a first contract as a rapper. So two years later, his debut album Satirical Nomads appeared in Greece. His second album XLI3H then appeared in 2007 Minos EMI, the Greek representation of the record company EMI Group.

When Euro Vision Song Contest 2011, he supported the singer Loukas Giorkas in the ballad Watch my dance, the Greek contribution of competition. On 10 May 2011 she appeared in the first semi-final of ESC, where they moved up into four days later held the final. There they occupied in the victory of the Azerbaijani duo Ell and Nikki seventh.

Prizes and awards

  • 2008: MTV Europe Music Award for Best Greek Act