Steve Davis

Steve Davis, OBE ( born August 22, 1957 in Plumstead, London ) is an English snooker player.


Steve Davis began his professional career in 1978 and was in the 1980s, six times world champion (1981, 1983, 1984, 1987 to 1989). Overall, he won 28 world ranking tournaments, the last in 1995. Throughout his career, he has so far earned over 5,000,000 pounds in prize money.

On January 11, 1982 during the Lada Classics he succeeded in the first televised maximum break. As a bonus he then received a Lada, which he jokingly commented like the light of current premiums of up to 147,000 pounds during the World Cup to date. For the highest ever achieved ratings in a sports broadcast on British television he made in 1985, when he in the World Cup final against Dennis Taylor in a constant both for the two players and spectators nervenzerreibenden and until after midnight Match narrowly - the decision was made only with the last black - were beaten 17:18.

Despite its dominance in the 1980s, combined with exuberant media presence, he at the time was not always the favorite of the audience. Being totally expressionless face during the game and its almost machine-like playing earned him a time the sarcastic nickname Steve " interesting" Davis. Nevertheless, he was elected in 1988 as the first and only snooker player Sportsman of the Year in the UK. Today, he shows more emotion in the game and is also popular with the public. So he got for example when winning the semi-finals of the UK Championship in York in 2005 big applause from the audience. With this victory, he reached on December 18, his 100th final on the Snooker Main Tour. This, however, he lost against Ding Junhui 6:10. He reached number three on the temporary provisional world rankings after he was a few years ago already disappeared from the top 16 and in 2003 returned there again.

In early 2006, he failed his qualification match for the China Open to dispute, so that Ricky Walden won without a fight. Such an error was Davis never happened in his career, so this came in the sports press on a high resonance. However, he received no punishment from the World Snooker Association for this omission.

His self-imposed target of being on his 50th birthday still in the top 16 in the world rankings, he has met at the conclusion of the 2006/2007 season with 15th place. For the 2008/2009 season, he was listed as 29 in the world rankings. For the 2009/10 season he moved up to rank 23 again, but fell in the following season back at square 44 to narrowly falling out of the top 50 after the following season, with rank 51. He is currently still active and successful in major tournaments with his quarter-finals at the 2010 World Cup, he has been more than 20 years, the first player over 50 to have managed.

Davis also plays successfully Pool. At the 2000 9-Ball World Championship, he reached the quarter-finals. He was also a total of eleven times a member of the European team in the 9-Ball Pool Tournament Mosconi Cup. He won three times the Trickshot Championship ( 1994, 1995 and 1997), where he performed regularly humorous.

During the World Cup 2010 at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, he played along with Dennis Taylor on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its legendary World Cup endgame 1985 decision frame as entertainment show much to the delight of the audience after.

Since December 2009 he has been member of the board of WPBSA.

In 2011 he was inducted into the Snooker Hall of Fame.


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Steve Davis is an avid chess player since childhood and worked, not least because of its popularity as a snooker player, already co -authored a chess book and for some time even as president of the English Chess Federation. This is also worth mentioning in this respect, as the Snooker game is often compared to chess, because it is also essential for a successful game plan the sequence of individual actions in advance.

Steve Davis is now divorced from his wife Judith and father of two sons. He is not related to the brothers and former snooker world champions Joe Davis and Fred Davis.