Steve Erickson

Steven Michael Erickson ( born April 20, 1950 in Granada Hills, Los Angeles ) is an American novelist, essayist and critic.

Erickson writes regularly for various magazines, including Esquire, Elle and Rolling Stone. He is currently a teacher at CalArts MFA program of literature and editor of the literary magazine Black Clock, which is sponsored by CalArts. Here publish including David Foster Wallace, Richard Powers, Samuel R. Delany, Greil Marcus, William T. Vollmann, Don DeLillo, and other well-known American writer.

Literary style

Background of his books is almost always his hometown of Los Angeles. His books defy traditional classification because no literary genre she describes applicable. They usually move at the boundaries of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Surrealism or Magic Realism.


  • British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (1997): Amnesiascope



  • Days Between Stations (1985 )
  • Rubicon Beach ( 1986) German: Rubicon Beach. Novel, Rowohlt Taschenbuchverlag 1988, ISBN 3-499-12274- X
  • Dt: The sea came at midnight, S. Fischer 2002, ISBN 3-10-017020-2


  • Leap Year (1989 )
  • American Nomad (1997)