Steve Marriott

Stephen Peter Marriott ( born January 30, 1947 in Bow, London, † April 20, 1991 in Essex, England), better known as Steve Marriott, was an English rock musician. He was the singer and guitarist of the British beat band Small Faces (1965-1969) and Humble Pie ( 1969-1975 ).

After the end of Humble Pie Marriott began a solo career. He also accompanied footage of Johnny Hallyday and Johnny Thunders, guitarist of the New York Dolls.

Marriot died at the age of 44 years with a self-inflicted fire ( he forgot to delete his cigarette) in his country house in Essex.

Under the title All Too Beautiful appeared in 2004 a biography of Marriott. The authors are Paolo Hewitt and John Hellier.

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