Steve Pickton

Steve Pickton is a British techno musician, DJ and label owner, which came into existence under pseudonyms such as stasis, Paul W. Teebrooke, Phenomyna, Skye or Soul 223.


Pickton was born as Paul W. Teebrooke, but adopted a very young age.

He first took from the early 1990s music, which he published under the pseudonym of stasis on Mike Golding and Steve Rutter's label B12 Recordings. Appeared in 1993 in cooperation with Golding and Rutter his debut album Redcell: stasis. Together with Mark Broom, he published under the name Capes Ill Meester from 1994 several singles.

In the same year he founded his own label Otherworld Recordings as a sub label of Kirk Degiorgios Applied Rhythmic Technology.

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