Steven Zaillian

Steven Ernest Bernard Zaillian ( born January 30, 1953 in Fresno, California, USA) is an American screenwriter, editor, film producer and film director of Armenian origin. He is the founder of the film production company "Film Rites ".


Zaillian came in 1953 as the son of Jim Zaillian and Vina Zaillian and grew up in Los Angeles, California, on. His father, a radio reporter, died on 2 December 1978 at the age of 51 of a heart attack. Zaillian has an older sister named Marcia Ann Zaillian ( born 11 June 1949). After Steven Zaillian in 1975 graduated from the San Francisco State University, he began to produce documentaries and worked as an editor on several films such as " Breaker! Breaker! "(1976), " killer spider "(1977) and" Starhops "(1978). A short time later Zaillian wrote the screenplay for a 1960 teenage comedy-drama called " Bad Manners ". The film was Ray Stark has this but never produced. Despite the fact that the film was never realized, this paved Zaillian screenplay for the way to Hollywood. The film " The Falcon and the Snowman " (1985 ), the first film produced with Zaillian's screenplay, introduced the beginning of his career. Zaillian is considered one of the most artful and subtle screenwriter Hollywood authors since Robert Towne had.

Steven Zaillian now lives in Los Angeles and is married to Elizabeth Zaillian. Together they have two children, Anthony James Zaillian ( born on August 5, 1985) and Nicholas Alexander ( born 10 February 1989).


Zaillian 's script doctor. Films, including Twister, Crimson Tide - In the lowest risk and Amistad - The slave ship were adapted and rewritten without having been mentioned in the credits of him.

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  • 2 Oscar nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay, it won once Oscars 1991: Time of Awakening
  • Oscars 1994: Schindler's List