Steyr-Land District

The political district of Steyr-Land district is located in the Traun in Upper Austria at the border to Lower Austria.


The district was established in 1868. 1903, the district court Sprengel Neuhofen was annexed to the district of Linz -Land. 1938, the court districts Grünburg and Kremsmuenster were redistributed among the district leaders Kirchdorf and Steyr-Land.

District Commission

The district administration has its headquarters in the city of Steyr ( Spitalskystraße 10, 4400 Steyr). Steyr itself is a statutory town and therefore has its own regional administration. District woman is since September 2008 Cornelia Altreiter wind Steiger. The internal service forwards John Neustift ( Head of Office ).

Administrative divisions

The district of Steyr-Land is divided into 20 municipalities, one city and six market towns. The population figures are from 1 January 2013.


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Tourist sights in the district of Steyr-Land, the euro Bad Hall and the Limestone Alps National Park, which offers an unspoiled landscape and inviting for cycling, walking and horse riding. The National Park Visitor Centre Enns Valley serves as the focal point.

Pictures of Steyr-Land District