Å tiavnica Mountains

48.416666666667191009Koordinaten: 48 ° 25 ' N, 19 ° 0' O

The Selmec mountains (Slovak Štiavnica Hills ) are a mountain range of volcanic type in Slovakia.

They belong to the Western Carpathians and form a part of the Slovak Central Mountains.

The area extends around the Štiavnica ( German Schemnitz ) around where it takes its name, and was in the Middle Ages one of the major ore deposits in the former Upper Hungary. In the south, it starts at the northern edge of the Danube hill country and the Krupinská Planina and the Pliešovská kotlina in the east, north and west of the area through the course of the Hron ( German Gran ) is limited, behind close the Kremnitz mountains, the bird Mountains and the Pohronský Inovec to.

From east to west it can be divided into the following parts:

  • Skalka
  • Sitnianska Highlands
  • Sitnianske predhorie
  • Kozmálovské Vŕšky
  • Hodrušská hornatina

In between, yet extend the following erosion cuts:

  • Vyhnianska Brázda
  • Stiavnicka Brázda
  • Prenčovská kotlina.

The mountains are mostly forested, and mainly equipped with deeply incised valleys and fairly steep slopes, some rivers in the area as the Štiavnica ( Schemnitz ) that drain Sikenica or Jasenica the area in Hron and Ipeľ. The highest point is Mount Sitno 1009 meters above sea level.

Almost all parts are protected as a conservation area Štiavnica Hills.