Still Life (2006 film)

  • Zhao Tao Guo Shenhong
  • Han Han Sangming as Sangming

Still Life (Chinese三峡 好人, Pinyin Sanxia hǎorén ) is a social drama of the Chinese director Jia Zhangke from the year 2006.


Two people come to town Fengjie at the Three Gorges Dam. In search of their former partners, they wander about in a city that floods must give way soon. The miner Han Sanming arrived from Shanxi after Fengjie, because he wants to find his wife who had left him with little daughter 16 years ago. As it turns out, it was then bought by Sanming and was subsequently freed by police from the forced marriage. However, the street in which she lived had to give the water a long time. So Sanming hires as demolition workers and begins the search for the missing women.

The nurse Guo Shenhong comes to town, because she searches for her husband Guo Bin. Two years ago she saw him the last time. Now she wants to know whether he or she is living with another woman or she still loves. The husband is very busy, so it may not immediately see him. When she finally meets him, she says she loves another man with whom she wanted to move to Shanghai and wants a divorce from Guo Bin.

Chance of UFOs are also discernible.


It was recorded in HD ( HDV) camera with the Sony HVR- Z1.


" Corruption, environmental crime and the loss of traditional ways of life give in Jia Zhang- Kes film despite construction noise and ruins in images of great beauty and contemplative silence. "

" The experiences of the characters from very different social classes provide insights into the extremely contradictory situation of people in the emerging economic power. The quiet, careful camera work whose aesthetic appeal is to the misery of ordinary people in stark contrast, creates memorable images of metaphorical quality, great panoramas of destruction as well as phenomenologically accurate observations. "

"It is a poetic and at the same time political film about the disastrous consequences of the Three Gorges Dam in China and a metaphor about the downfall of humanity. "

" Jia Zhangkes film revolves around everyday, even banal - smoking, eating, walking, chatting - and wants it but tell of something big: from the ( psychological ) consequences of neo- capitalism in China. If he succeeds? The answer probably lies in the eye of the beholder. While some hours delve into the still life of old masters and discover something new, sufficient other a glance. So will it be also with this film. "


  • Still Life won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival 2006.