Still Life (Van-der-Graaf-Generator-Album)


  • Hugh Banton: Hammond organ, bass guitar, Mellotron, Piano
  • Guy Evans: drums, percussion
  • Peter Hammill: vocals, guitar, piano
  • David Jackson: tenor, alto and soprano saxophone, flute

Still Life is the sixth studio album by British progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator. It was published in 1976.


After the tour for the previous album Godbluff the newly formed band entered the studio again in January 1976 to complete the not yet recorded material. Left yet from the recordings to Godbluff in the previous year were " Pilgrims " and "La Rossa ", the three pieces "Still Life", " My Room ( Waiting for Wonderland )" and " Childlike Faith in Childhood's End " followed.

Style and reception

The style of Still Life is divided into two parts: the punchy " La Rossa " is the focus of the album in contrast to the other four pieces. Reviewers describe the album compared to the previous, musical predominantly dark and aggressive publications of Van der Graaf Generator as cheerful and restrained.

Lyrically, the subject runs, matching the title of the album, "Life and Death" as a red thread through the album, what the title track is particularly clear. The last song of the album Childlike Faith in Childhood's End is based on the novel The last generation of Arthur C. Clarke (original Childhood's End ), which describes the extinction of mankind on Earth, and the transition to a new form of existence.

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