Stipe (mycology)

The stem is part of the fungal fruiting body in tubes and sheets fungi on which the hat. One can speak of an actual handle, because in these systems the pileus and stipe are clearly distinguishable from each other in the tube and leaves mushrooms. For example, within the order of bristle -like Scheiblingkirchen ( Hymenochaetales ) this is not possible.

Some ascomycete genera from the order of peel fungus -like, such as morels, are divided into the pileus and stipe; these stems are not covered here.


The main function of the stem is the lifting of the cap across the floor. Thus, the spores can better reach the outside and are carried away by the wind.

Connection of the pileus and stipe

Hat and stick can be connected in two ways: homogeneous and heterogeneous. Are they connected homogeneous, then the connection is solid. In a heterogeneous compound is an intermediate layer particularly structured forms the interface between the pileus and stipe. This causes the hat can be easily detached from the stalk. Usually the compound is homogeneous. The attachment point of the hat on a stick can be in different places and will vary accordingly:



Tapering at the base

Lobe -shaped

Cylindrical roller-shaped or

Filament or bristle -shaped


Tapering to top



The handle as the handle base may take various forms, which are typical of some types. For example, a sclerotium is formed only in very specific ways. The rooting base looks from the outside like a root, but should not be confused with a proper plant root.

Connected to sclerotium

Beet -or circular -shaped

In rooting substrate


Gerandet - tuberous

Gegürtelt warty

With circular circumcised vagina

With limp vagina


Fuzzy fine, granular



Genattert ( with zones)




In addition to these features, the handle may have the upper part Guttationstropfen. Even the adjective " frosting " is often used, whereby a mold -like coating is meant lollies or on the hat surface.


Many species have different shapes of rings of remaining on the stem remains of a velum partiale.