Stol (mountain)

High chair seen from Weinasch from the northwest

High chair from the east ( Begunjščica )

High chair from the south ( Lake Bled ) bdep2


The highchair (deprecated Stou, Slovenian Stol ) is a mountain on the border between Carinthia ( Austria ) and Slovenia. With a height of 2237 m above sea level. A. it forms the highest point of the Karawanken. His sharp northern terminations form an impressive valley of the Carinthian Bärentals.


The name " high chair " is rooted in popular belief; seen from the east in the shape of the mountain similarities with a chair. The German designation was introduced by Ludwig Jahne in the first Karawanken Guide 1882 " excitation of several Carinthian Alps friends". It provides a translation of the Slovenian " Stol " dar. Previously, the mountain name in German as " Stou " was to play, corresponding phonetically the Slovenian " Stol ".


The high chair rises on the municipalities of Feistritz im Rosental on the Austrian side and Žirovnica on the Slovenian side. The border runs across the summit along the Drava -Sava watershed, where it is marked with the landmark XXV/135. The main peak preceded immediately to the south is the little chair ( 2172 m). The highchair constructed from Dachstein limestone breaks to the north with a 500 -meter-high wall in the great Hochstuhlkar from. The northern wall is heavily ridged, brittle and broken down into countless gullies and ravines. To the south, the mountains comparatively less steep meadow edges.

To the east of the high chair falls into the smaller Kar Melo. This is the north by the sharp rocky peaks Martha peak ( 2116 m), Klagenfurt peak ( 2104 m) and the Edelweiss peaks (1995 m ) limits before lowers the pulling to the east ridge of the high chair in the Bielschitzasattel (1840 m). This combines the high chair massif with that of Wertatscha ( 2180m ). To the west of the ridge runs from the high chair summit on the Ludwig Jahne - head (2018 m) and the Weinasch ( 2104 m), before he become more involved in the bear saddle ( 1698m ) lowers. This forms the transition to Bärentaler Kotschna (1944 m).

Touristic development

The first tourist ascent succeeded on August 17, 1794 the Austrian scientist Franz Josef Hannibal High Wart ( 1771-1844 ) at the invitation of Sigmund Zois of gemstone. He stepped out from Bohinj climbers legacy of Jawor Castle ( Javorniki ) over the Bärensattel from the west side to the summit. A detailed ascent report was published in 1838 in contributions to natural history, agriculture and topography of the Duchy of Carniola. The first ascent of the north wall succeeded around 100 years later Karl Greenitz and Roderich Kaltenbrunner 9 September 1906.

For the ascent of the high chair late 19th century alpine refuges are already opened. The first was the Austrian Tourist Club, the ( 1181 m) south of the high chair Summit took over the building of the Mining Administration of the Carniolan industrial society on a terrace below the scree and 1883 opened as alpine refuge under the name Valvasor shelter. An adapted house hunters - - On August 14, 1886 also the Stouhütte (960 m) in the Barental was from the section Klagenfürt of the German and Austrian Alpine Club as a base for tours to the high chair from the north side opens.

On September 16, 1906 was Stouhütte (1,664 m), replaced in its role by the new and better location Klagenfurt hut near the Bielschitzasattels on the southern slopes of the Kosiaks. The Slovenian Alpine Club opened also in the immediate vicinity on the little chair summit on 31 July 1910, the Preschern Hut. During the Second World War, all three points were burned by partisans. Only after two decades, they could be re-opened rebuilt.


The Austrian normal route leads from the Klagenfurt hut ( 1664 m) to the south by the Bielschitzakar on the Bielschitzasattel (1840 m). From there - some losing altitude - in the Slovenian Hochstuhlkar Melo keeping to the right by wide sweeping debris fields in the chair seat and on to the summit. Kar can also be reached from the south by the Završnica Valley. In the winter of ski touring mostly from the Bodental over the Wertatschasattel (1845 m), boarded at the Bielschitza over to the intersection with the coming of the Klagenfurt hut Sommerweg. The Slovenian normal route leads from Valvasor shelter pretty straight across the south slopes to the summit.

Due to the northern flank of the mountain also leads the 500 vertical meters long and popular highchair via ferrata (B / C). He was until 1967 created in 1966 by the local office of Klagenfurt Austrian Mountain Rescue Service under the direction of Fritz Havranek and 2000, slightly longer in the lower part. Climbing tours are usually only at the tip of Klagenfurt ( 2104 m) and at the Edelweiss peaks (1995 m) committed, as the high chair North Face proves to be too brittle.