Stolin (White Russian Столін; Russian Столин; Polish Stolin ) is a city in the Brest Oblast in Belarus in the Breszkaja Woblasz; It is the administrative headquarters of Stolin Raion. In 2012 it had 12,353 inhabitants.


Stolin, 15 kilometers from the running to the south border of Ukraine, located in the heart of the countryside Polesia on the banks of the river Horyn, at the intersection of two major road links, according to Pinsk in the north- west ( 50 kilometers away ) and after Turau in the east. Brest is located 219 km to the west.


Recent archaeological findings suggest that the area now Stolin was inhabited since the 12th century. The first mention Stolins dates from 1555.

As in 1986, at the Chernobyl 230 kilometers away the local nuclear reactor went out of control, even Stolin was affected: the city was right in the direction of pull of the radioactive cloud. The consequences were and are rising cancer rates increase of other diseases, establishment of restricted areas, some of which still exist more than 25 years later.


Stolin is in Hesse since 1993 twin town of Homberg ( Efze).


  • Israel of Stolin (b. 1869 as Israel Perlow in Stolin; died 1921 in Bad Nauheim ), Hasidic rabbi and mystic