Stone Arch Bridge (Minneapolis)

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Mississippi River

The Stone Arch Bridge ( German about: Stone Arch Bridge ) is a 640 meter long former railroad bridge over the Mississippi River just below the Saint Anthony Falls in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is located between the Third Avenue Bridge and the collapsed I-35W Mississippi River bridge and was built in 1883 by railroad tycoon James J. Hill for his Great Northern Railway and led to the former passenger station, which was about a mile to the west. The building is now used as a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists. It is a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark and was added in 1971 to the National Register of Historic Places and is one of the Contributing Properties in the Saint Anthony Falls Historic District.


The bridge has been modified from its original appearance. When the lock and dam were built at the Saint Anthony Falls, had two of the arcs are replaced by a steel truss box to allow the passage of ships through the locks. Later, in a flood in 1965, the flood has washed out three of the pillars and thus sagging of the bridge caused, so that the pillars were repaired and the surface has been strengthened in two of the arches.

When the bridge nor railway operation served, rolling trains from other railroads to and from the Minneapolis Great Northern Depot about it, including the Empire Builder of the Great Northern Railroad. The building was used until 1978 as a railroad bridge. It was repaired after a brief period of non-use and adapted to the current use. The biking and hiking trails across the bridge are connected to the park and footpath network of the town Minnesota and form a part of the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Trail, which highlights the history of the area with explanatory panels. The latest renovations were completed in 2005, including indirect lighting, which was funded by private donors.

During the summer months, the Stone Arch Bridge is the focus of various festivities in the area of ​​St. Anthony Main Street and the Historic Main Street. The Stone Arch Festival of the Arts will be held on Father 's Day weekend and take it because many local artists participate. Fireworks show on Independence Day and during the Minneapolis Aquatennial end of July also attract many visitors when the fireworks from the nearby Hennepin Iceland is shot. The bridge allows visitors a view of the skyline of Minneapolis, the Pillsbury A Mill, the Mill City Museum and many other attractions in the neighborhood and is close to the restaurants on Main St SE and the Guthrie Theater.