Store Mosse National Park

The Store Mosse National Park is located in the Swedish region of Småland in the administrative County of Jonkoping County. He can be reached by road from Värnamo northwest direction Hillerstorp.

The park was established in 1982 and comprises the largest bog in southern Sweden with several bogs and lakes, surrounded by fens and small forests. Prior to the 1960s, the mining of peat by the Hädinge was done torvfabrik. The peat layers formed over the last 6000 years and up to 7 m thick. On the bog grow pine forests and vast heaths, rare orchids. The wetlands around the lake Kävsjön are breeding areas for approximately 100 species of birds, including swans, herons, ducks, geese and cranes in the summer. In the southeast part of the lake is of about two kilometers long and one kilometer wide quaking Stora Gungflyet.

The national park is accessible by about 40 km of hiking trails. On several islands in the bog there are rest huts and bird watching towers. An island in the southwestern part of the moor is Lilla Lövö.

In the visitor center, established in 2004 naturum an exhibition on the genesis of Moore, the plant and animal world and the human colonization of the peat areas is shown.

Three hostels ( Vandrarhem ) within the nature reserve are located in Kittlakull, the burial ground of Vanö and on Lilla Lövö. The house Kittlakull was formerly the manager of the peat industry as a residential building, just behind the railway line that runs through the bog, there still remains of the old peat extraction sites can be found.

Hiking hut in the Store Mosse