The Stormarn is a circle in the state of Schleswig -Holstein. It belongs to the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.

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The Stormarn bordered to the north by the district of Segeberg, in the northeast on the circle East Holstein and the district-free city of Lübeck, the east and south by the Duchy of Lauenburg and to the west by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Stormarn is one of the six northern border districts in Schleswig -Holstein, which together with the eight southern border districts in Lower Saxony, the two eastern edge circles in Mecklenburg -Vorpommern and the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, the Hamburg metropolitan region.

The highest elevation is the Stormarn Small Hahnheider mountain with 100 meters above sea level. NN.


" Stormarn " is the old name of a nome, a later county, due, whose inhabitants (also Stormere ) were referred to in the 11th century as Stormarii.

  • Until about 600 Stormarn is inhabited by Saxons, the eastern boundary Stormarn the present Duchy of Lauenburg agrees quite closely with the historic border between Saxony and turning of that time.
  • To be 810 Charlemagne the Limes Saxoniae (also called Saxony Wall ) build by Stormarn, remains of a ring wall can still be seen today at the Nütschauer jump.
  • 1111 is replaced by Count Adolf of Holstein Schauenburg, Wagrien and Stormarn as a fief, the former Stormarn extends further west than the present district.
  • 1322 is the division and peace treaty of Oldesloe the Alster the western border Stormarn.



The last local elections led to the following results:

District administrators

Circle President

Coat of arms

Blazon: ". In a red border to the right silver swan in fighting stance with uplifted wings and a golden crown around the neck "

The coat of arms is proven since the late 15th century in the seal of the Danish royal family for the landscape Stormarn (county, principality ) and one of the oldest county coat of arms of Germany.


Blazon: " On a red bunting - both sides turned to the bar - the white Stormarner swan neck with yellow crown. "

Economy and infrastructure

The Stormarn is strong economically determined by the two neighboring cities of Hamburg and Lübeck, he counts in large parts ( south and west ) for " commuter belt " of Hamburg, which in both the demographic trends (population growth of 163,000 inhabitants in 1973 to currently over 220,000 inhabitants) as well as in the settlement of many trades and industries became noticeable. The north-east of the circle, however, is primarily characterized by agriculture.

The circle recounted to a GfK survey in 2011 among the ten highest purchasing power rural districts.

50 years ago (23 March 1957), the Stormarn founded the now oldest German economic development agency - the Economic and construction company Stormarn (WAS).

Unfavorable for the circular structure, the elongated form of the circular area on the one hand and the large concentration of population in the communities in the southwest of the circle ( Reinbek, Glindemann, Barsbuettel ) on the other. This often leads to long paths for citizens. The attempts of the circle now, compensate by administrative cooperation with the respective city and district administrations.


For traffic determinative affects the position of the circle along the highways 1 (" bird flight line " ), 24 ( Hamburg-Berlin ), 20 (Lübeck -Rostock ), 21 ( Bargteheide keel ) and the railway line Hamburg- Lübeck.

Public transport in the district was incorporated into the HVV 2003.

Larger airports nearby are Hamburg and Lübeck south-west to the east of the circle.


The Stormarn is a carrier of two professional schools, one in Ahrensburg and one in Bad Oldesloe. The vocational school in Bad Oldesloe school project for the concept of "regional vocational training centers ", in short RBZ. These are intended to be independent from its carrier and many can make decisions themselves. The school is already organized business -like, allowing it to work more effectively due to improved delegation and participation of pupils. The name of the professional school of the district in Bad Oldesloe is " RBZ North Stormarn ".



  • Schloss Ahrensburg
  • Castle Reinbek
  • Mansion Nütschau


  • Stormarnweg

Cities and Towns

(Population at 31 December 2012)

  • 5 Barsbuettel ( 12,072 )
  • 6 Glindemann, city ( 17,668 )
  • 7 Großhansdorf ( 9269 )
  • 8 Oststeinbek ( 8617 )
  • 9 Reinbek, city ( 26 347 )
  • 10 Reinfeld ( Holstein), city ( 8704 )

Offices with official member municipalities (* = seat of the Office Administration)

  • 2 Office Bargteheide country ( 14,025 ) [Seat: Bargteheide ]
  • 3 Office North Stormarn ( 10,461 ) [Seat: Reinfeld ( Holstein) ]
  • 4 Office Siek ( 9981 )

The community Tangstedt ( 6260 inhabitants) is managed by the Office Itzstedt, Segeberg.

Municipal offices and map


In its website the circle performs another community: Büttenwarder ( after the TV series New from Büttenwarder ) is out there as a virtual community with the zip code 22999.