Stralendorf (Amt)

In office Stralendorf located in the municipality of the same nine municipalities were merged to perform their administrative business. The Office is located in the northern part of the Ludwig pleasure Parchim in Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ) and adjacent to the district North West Mecklenburg and the state capital Schwerin.

The municipalities with its districts

  • Dumber Dumber with Cabin, Dumber piece village, Dumber piece yard, Kowahl, Parum and Walsmühlen
  • Holthusen with beech wood and Lehmkuhlen
  • Small Rogahn with large Rogahn
  • Pampow
  • Schossin with Mill Beck
  • Stralendorf
  • Warsow with Kothe village and Krumbeck
  • Wittenförden
  • Zülow


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  • Office in Mecklenburg- Vorpommern
  • Ludwigslust County - Parchim