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Stranda is a place and a municipality in Fylke (administrative district ) Møre og Romsdal


In the municipality there are Geiranger (about 250 inhabitants), Light Sylt (about 680 inhabitants), Liabygda (about 260 inhabitants) and the capital of the municipality, Stranda (approx. 3500 inhabitants). Stranda lies at Storfjorden inside Sunnmøre. The area is 867 km ². The nearby Åkerneset Mountains is considered unstable; a landslide could cause a tsunami. Therefore, it will be regularly monitored by measurement.

From Hellesylt there is a regular ferry service through the Geirangerfjord to Geiranger.

Location Stranda

Stranda was founded in the early 19th century as strǫnd and was named after its location on the beach of the fjord, from 1918 written stranded.

In Stranda the industry plays a major role, especially the furniture and meat industry. In Stranda, both the largest and most modern Pizza Factory ( Doctors Cave ) and the most modern Abdeckerei Norway. There is a ferry across the fjord.

Notable buildings in Stranda are the Town Hall, a wooden church built in 1838 and two other religious institutions and a culture building for the public library and a cinema. Stranda has two secondary schools, on the one hand, the private Christian Vestborg vidaregåande skule, those public Stranda vidaregåande skule. The main road also leads past a large sports stadium.

Churches in the community

The Church of Norway has in the region of four church buildings. They belong to the Diocese of Møre. In addition to the above-mentioned church directly in Stranda are the Liabygda kyrkje ( inaugurated in 1917 ), the Sunnylven kyrkje in Hellesylt ( inaugurated in 1859 ) and the Geiranger kyrkje from the year 1842.

Coat of arms

The modern coat of arms was designed by Jarle Skuseth and made ​​official on May 2, 1986. The triangular diagonally arranged surfaces symbolize fjords, mountains and the beach.