StrataVision 3D

StrataVision (also Stratavision or Strata vision or StrataVision 3D) was released for the Apple Macintosh Quadra 400 and compatibles 3D software.

Technical Features

The first version appeared in 1989 and was further developed until 1998 ( 5.0). As special features texturing and ray tracing, which represented the beginning of the 1990s were a special feature.


StrataVision had been developed for product and architectural representation, but was also popular with 3D artists and amateurs film; The latter could now inexpensive cut their own 3D sequences in their films. Also short films that have been created completely with StrataVision emerged. Larger gained fame StrataVision that were used for the individual images and movie clips of Myst, although they have been digitally reworked with Adobe Premier.


Current situation

StrataVision is outdated by today's state of the art. However, a recent 3D software is offered by the company Strata, which is comparable with other modern software.