Strategy video game

A computer strategy game is a video game genre that requires addressing in particular strategic or tactical skill. In this case, the computer carries either the role of an opponent or he provides a platform on which more than one player with or play against each other ( " Multiplayer "). The computer strategy games include both adaptations of traditional strategy games as well as entirely new games that exist only on the computer.

We distinguish between two types of computer strategy games: Turn-based strategy games ( " TBS Games") and real-time strategy games ( "RTS games" ).

Turn-based strategy game (TBS game )

In turn-based strategy games (English turnbased or short TBS) often lead players in their trains Rounds succession, like for example in chess. Other turn-based strategy games, such as Age of Wonders, allow, besides this classic mode, a simultaneous planning and move execution to shorten the waiting time, especially in multiplayer games. Other game systems separate train and action phase (eg History Line ) to enable hotseat games, or give all game units values ​​initiative to forge ahead with the order of the train (eg Heroes of Might and Magic V).

Especially common in computer role-playing games are continuous circular systems in which game units receive a steady stream of action points, but these consume in short time periods. Thus, the action for the viewer runs as in real time, but the game mechanics are based on rounds, making it anytime pausierbar. Example of this is, for example, Dragon Age: Origins, but such a system is introduced in the game Jagged Alliance under the name Plan & Go. The rigid beginning and end of a round is determined by the manual pause function of the player and automatic break in occurring events (eg discovered opponent) and necessary counter-reactions (eg shelling their own units) dynamic.

Since the players are not under time pressure, a more precise planning of the actions is possible. Therefore, turn-based strategy games are usually more complex than real-time strategy games and often also cover social issues such as diplomacy and politics. The actual military aspects often fade into the background and displayed far more abstract than real- time strategy games.

They range from games to

  • Tactical level, such as Panzer General or the Battle Isle series
  • About planet-wide games where you leading a nation, such as the very famous Civilization series
  • To games that extend over entire galaxies in outer space ( for example, the Master of Orion series).
  • The rogue -like games fall into this category
  • Games from a lateral perspective, at the ballistics is in the foreground, like Worms.

Are widespread multiplayer features to compete against other human players. This LAN and Internet features of course are now in the first place. But it is precisely through the round relatedness allow turn-based strategy games, other game functions such as hotseat or e -mail games.

Real-time strategy game ( RTS game )

Real -time strategy games (English Real time strategy or short RTS) are computer strategy games where all players perform their actions simultaneously.

Therefore, real-time strategy games to reduce the complexity of game play, and make quick response and strategic planning under time pressure in the foreground.

With the increasing technical possibilities, the real-time strategy games outperformed the turn-based into commercial success and recognition, and are now in the attention of the players behind the genre of first-person shooter. The real-time strategy games have the turn-based not displaced, but spoke with the fast pace of the games a fundamentally different audience. A subgenre of real-time strategy games is the Tower Defense, which is mainly due to the high speed game appeal to players. Tower Defense was popularized by flash games and titles such as Starcraft, or Warcraft 3, the system is also used in MMORPG titles (for example, Dragonica ).