Stratford International station

High Speed ​​One, Docklands Light Railway


Stratford International Station is a train station at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Greater London. It is located on the British high-speed rail High Speed ​​One and serves both long-distance traffic on this route, such as the transport of the light rail Docklands Light Railway. The station is located in the town of Stratford, part of the eastern London borough of Newham.

The station was completed in April 2006, but took until 2009 for connections in the area of ​​Kent in southeast England in operation. Plans for international calls through the Euro Tunnel to mainland Europe have not been realized.


The 250 million pounds ( 300 million euros ) expensive station was originally intended as the London stop for the planned direct Euro Star train services between the European continent and destinations north of London. The trains, which should go under the name North of London, never came for commercial reasons ultimately used. As the terminus of the St Pancras Euro Star connections is just 9 km away, the Euro Star management refuses to let hold their trains in Stratford, because the delay involved in competition with aviation was to be disadvantageous.

Features of society Southeastern hold under the brand name Southeastern High Speed ​​since November 2009 in Stratford International. They offer an English domestic traffic with Hitachi Class 395 high-speed trains on the High Speed ​​One, which they use either to Ebbsfleet International or Ashford International to then einzumünden on railroad tracks as the North Kent Line or the Chatham Main Line. Previously offered from St Pancras railway connections to Dover, Margate, Faversham and Canterbury. An extension of the network to Hastings or Eastbourne is planned in the medium term, however, remedial measures on the Marsh Link Line and the East Coastway Line are necessary.

A connection of the Docklands Light Railway was opened in August 2011. This was not done as part of an extension of the previous line of Poplar, but with the construction of a new DLR route to the route of the disused North London Line section south of Stratford Canning Town via West Ham and two new platforms at Stratford Regional. From Stratford International line going from two runs, according to Beckton and to Woolwich Arsenal on the London City Airport.

The station is located in the middle of Stratford City and the site of the 2012 Olympic Games. During the games brought up to 8 trains per hour 90,000 visitors daily from central London to the venues in Stratford. For continued Southeastern - instead of the normal timetable - their trains under the name " Javelin " (English: Spear ) in a shuttle service from London St Pancras to Ebbsfleet International one, with a stop at Stratford International.


Stratford International is located between the stations of St Pancras and Ebbsfleet International, near the regional train station Stratford Regional and the Olympic Village. He has four platforms, which were laid in a sunken into the ground open, one kilometer long and 25 meters deep concrete trough. This tub is virtually an open section of a 17.5 -km-long tunnel. It is composed of the 10 km long tunnel London East (the east portal at 51 ° 31 ' 37 "N, 0 ° 8' 14" O51.5269166666670.13719444444444 is located ) and the 7.5 km long tunnel London West, who only at the track ahead of St. Pancras ends. In the middle of the train station an additional track leads to a ramp, get on the trains out of the tub out to the nearby depot Temple Mills depot of the Euro Star Group.

The architect of the station was Mark Fisher, in collaboration with Alastair Lansley CBE, Leszek Dobrovolsky and Deacon Fred.

The measures provided for international transport platforms are 760 mm above rail level ( SOK ) high, those for the regional traffic have the British standard height of 915 mm above rail level. in terms of international traffic function rooms for passport and customs checks were provided.

Stratford International is owned by Union Railways (North ) Ltd, a subsidiary of London & Continental Railways, but will be managed by National Rail.


After plans failed to leave the Euro Star trains stop at the 2012 Olympic Games there, it is uncertain if ever an international train to Stratford International will hold, thus a significant part of the station would not be used. In September 2010, reported the Minister of Transport under the then government Brown, Lord Adonis, Westfield CEO Peter Miller and the Mayor of the London Borough of Newham, Sir Robin Wales, the Euro Star Group to stop at Stratford International.

After the games, called the London Mayor Boris Johnson of Euro Star, that at least four pairs of trains daily to keep here. Other hopes are being placed on the competitor German railway, which will offer from 2015/16 train services from London to Germany and the Netherlands.

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