Stratonice of Syria

Stratonike I. (* 317 BC; † after 268 BC ) was the only daughter of King Demetrius was I. Poliorketes from his first marriage to the Phila, daughter of Antipater regent. Demetrios was the ruler of the Diadochenreiches Macedonia.

Stratonike was 300 BC married to Seleucus I, and thus became the Seleucid queen. Seleucus ceded 293 BC Stratonike his son Antiochus to wife, as this had become moody and ill, according to tradition by the love for her ( his seven year younger stepmother ). When the doctor, Appian and Plutarch Erasistratos, Antiochus examined, entered Stratonike, the young wife of the king's chamber and Erasistratus recognized from the accelerated pulse of his patient that there is no physical suffering, but the love of the unattainable stepmother was the cause of the disease. Therefore, his father gave him his young wife and the kingdom. This motif have taken numerous painters, including Bellucci, Ingres, LAIRESSE, Anwander and Schonfeld.

Strato Nike's son Antiochus II reigned 261 BC to 246 BC, succeeding his father Antiochus I

According to her, the city located in Asia Minor Caria Stratonikeia was named.


Lovesick Antiochus (Johann Baptist Anwander )

Antiochus and Stratonike (Jean -Auguste -Dominique Ingres )

Antiochus and Stratonike (Antonio Bellucci )

Antiochus and Stratonike ( Gérard de Lairesse )