Stratum (disambiguation)

Stratum ( Latin for " layer ceiling"; plural Strata, Germanized also Straten ) stands for:

  • Stratum (archeology), a particular layer of the excavation
  • The layers of the epidermis, see epidermis (vertebrates )
  • A habitat layer of a biotope, see stratification (ecology )
  • In geology, the smallest rock unit that can be distinguished from other units, see Bank ( stratigraphy )
  • In linguistics in particular a structural level the Stratifikationsgrammatik
  • Different protocol layers in the UMTS mobile phone standard, see Universal Mobile Telecommunications System # protocol layers ( strata )
  • The hierarchical distance of a time server from the time the NTP source, see Network Time Protocol # Fundamentals


  • Gellep stratum, district of Krefeld
  • Stratum, the district of the Dutch city of Eindhoven, Eindhoven see # neighborhoods

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