Stráž (Tachov District)

Straz ( German Nove Mesto ) is a Městys with 1,057 inhabitants ( 1 January 2004) in the Czech Republic. It is located 5 km south of boron at an altitude of 448 m above sea level at the Úhlavka.


The first mention of Nove Mesto comes from the year 1331st It was under the town chamber of the royal castle Přimda. John of Bohemia issued on August 23, 1331 the town privileges equivalent to those of the royal cities. 1429 Neystatl came into the possession of Schwanberger. In the great fire of 1876 destroyed more than half and destroyed 118 houses. 1910 Neustadtl received a rail connection to the city Tachau and dew. 1938, the place had 218 houses, 976 of the 926 residents were German, 31 Jews and 19 Czechs. Today, there are 720 residents without the districts. Since 2007, the city again has the status of Městys.


Most important monument is the Church of St Wenceslas available on the market. It was built in 1384 and has Romanesque and Gothic features. The interior of the church was lost in the fire of 1876 and was renewed in 1878. The Baroque Church of St. John the Baptist in the cemetery was built in 1734.

To the east of the town on the road to Bor is the Holy Spirit Church, built in 1525 at a spa. The original chapel was enlarged to a pilgrimage church in the course of time and in 1915 renovated in Baroque style.

In the center of the town there are some Baroque houses. Furthermore, stone crosses and a neo-Gothic Maria Lourdes Chapel can be found by 1899.


  • A native of the Bavarian sculptor Johann Christoph Artschlag, settled in Nove Mesto and works include the 1722 statue of St.. Johannes Nepomuk below the Wenceslas church in Nove Mesto, and the main altar of St. Nicholas Church in Haid.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Edmund Weil ( April 16, 1879, † June 15, 1922 in Prague), physician and bacteriologist, discoverer of the Weil- Kafka and the Weil-Felix reaction

Community structure

The municipality Straz the districts Bernartice include ( Pernartitz ) Bonětice ( Großwonetitz ) Bonětičky ( Kleinwonetitz ), Borek ( Wurken ) Dehetná ( Dehenten ) Jadruž ( Godrusch ) Olešná ( Elsch ) Soumer ( Zummern ) Strachovice ( Strachowitz ) and Valcha ( Walk ).