Street Drum Corps

The Street Drum Corps is a native of Los Angeles American punk rock percussion band.

It was founded in April 2004 by Bobby Alt (STUN and Faculty X), Adam his brother Alt (Circus Minor), and Frank Zummo (The Start). SDC uses not only the drums and equipment for brass bands metal barrels, kitchen appliances or tools as instruments. SDC have so far released two albums.

In the U.S., SDC are not unknown and had at their shows guest appearances by Tommy Lee ( Mötley Crüe ), Adrian Young ( No Doubt ), Brooks Wackerman ( Bad Religion ), Bert McCracken ( The Used ), Max Weinberg ( Conan O'Brien ), Rob Bourdon ( Linkin Park), Byron McMackin ( Pennywise ), John Sawicki ( STOMP ) and Shannon Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars.

SDC occurred in March 2010 as the opening act for 30 Seconds to Mars during their Into the Wild Tour in Germany.


  • 2006: Street Drum Corps
  • 2008: We Are Machines