Street market

A weekly market is a weekly regularly scheduled market events, are offered on the predominantly fresh food such as fruit, vegetables, herbs, dairy products, fish and meat. They are also a meeting place. In the period before the invention of the telephone, this function was more important than it is today.

Held every year sales events called fair.


In many cities, weekly markets are held several times a week. This is a large number of traders to each other with their stands in direct competition. Weekly markets are usually organized by the respective municipalities themselves, for example, from the market office or the local wholesale market. However, in recent years, weekly markets increasingly be established by private providers. This usually happens in smaller towns or communities that are not even willing or able to take over the organization.

In contrast to a weekly market just pure self-producers are in principle represented at a farmers market. Many weekly market suppliers in Germany are members of the national association of market traders and showmen.

Typical of weekly markets is to offer regional products. Week markets are often used by farmers for direct marketing. In recent decades the trade has expanded with products from organic agriculture at the weekly markets. On some weekly markets and non- food items such as clothing or game and leather goods are offered.