Strijen ( listen? / I ) is a municipality in the Netherlands, South Holland province. She had on 1 January 2013 with a population of 8776th Their total area is 57.55 km ², of which 5.97 km ² inland waters.

The municipality consists of the village Strijen, and three small towns. Below is Strijensas, located at the Hollands Diep and has a marina.

Conditions, economy, attractions

The village lies on the polder Strijen Hoeksche Waard, not far from Dordrecht. Most inhabitants live by animal husbandry, or are commuters who work in Rotterdam and Dordrecht. In Strijen is a late Gothic village church from the 15th century.


A charter would have been already established by the Strijen 992 has turned out to be fake. The village owes its name to a small stream called Striene. Strijen was after all, already in the 13th century. The St. Elizabeth flood ( 1421 ) separated it from today's North Brabant. The village burned down in 1759 largely. Other disasters were a bombing on 14 May 1940 as well as Rotterdam was hit during World War II, and the Wassersnotkatastrophe from 1 February 1953.