STS -64 (English Space Transportation System) is a mission name for the U.S. Space Shuttle Discovery ( OV- 103), NASA. The launch took place on 9 September 1994. It was the 64th Space Shuttle mission and the 19th flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery.


  • Richard Richards (4th space flight), Commander
  • Blaine Hammond ( second space flight), Pilot
  • Jerry Linenger ( first space flight), Mission Specialist
  • Susan Helms ( second space flight ), Mission Specialist
  • Carl Meade ( third space flight), Mission Specialist
  • Mark Lee ( third space flight), Mission Specialist

Mission overview

Characteristic of the mission STS -64 was the first test of a new security system for spacewalks, the " SAFER system". The system was tested by astronauts Mark Charles Lee and Carl Joseph Meade as part of a 6- hours and 15 -minute spacewalk. In each case an astronaut floated for this test without locking leash in space, the first use without safety line for 10 years.

It was also the first flight with the Lidar In-Space Technology Experiment ( LITE), an experiment to study the Earth's atmosphere.

On the fifth day of the mission, the satellite SPARTAN -201 was released. The aim was to measure data about speed and acceleration of the solar wind as well as data on the solar corona. After two days, the satellite was captured with the shuttle arm again. The data were evaluated on the ground later.

In addition, the experiment SPIFEX was in use: an extension of 10 meters for the shuttle arm to determine the effects of the Reaction Control Systems on large stations ( Mir and later on the ISS ). In the cargo bay of the shuttle experiments were installed that were performed by program-controlled robots. In middeck biological experiments were carried out on plants as well as a test for military reconnaissance of shipping routes (Military Application of Ship Tracks - MAST), also a surface - burning Experiment ( SSCE ), the experiment RME II for the measurement of ionizing radiation as well as the experiment SAREX II to test of radio contacts between orbiter and radio amateurs in the world.