STS -95 (English Space Transportation System) is the designation for a flight mission of the U.S. Space Shuttle Discovery ( OV- 103), NASA. The launch took place on 29 October 1998. It was the 92nd Space Shuttle mission and the 25th flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery.


Home team

  • Curtis Brown ( fifth space flight), Commander
  • Steven Lindsey ( second space flight), Pilot
  • Scott Parazynski ( third space flight), Mission Specialist
  • Stephen Robinson ( second space flight), Mission Specialist
  • Pedro Duque ( 1 space flight), Mission Specialist (European Space Agency ESA / Spain )
  • Chiaki Mukai ( second space flight ), Payload Specialist ( NASDA / Japan Japan)
  • John Glenn ( second space flight), Payload Specialist

John Glenn completed this mission at the age of 77 years and has since record-holder as the oldest man in orbit.


  • Koichi Wakata supported Mukai, officially there were no replacements.

Mission Description

The mission was dedicated to astronomical and atmospheric research. For example, the satellite 201 SPARTAN was exposed for several days. With his physical conditions and processes were explored that take place in the solar corona and have an impact on the solar wind.

In the cargo bay of Discovery, the HOST platform was located (HST Orbital Systems Test) on which different devices were that should be installed at the next servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. With HOST their suitability for space has been verified. This was a new cooling system for the NICMOS camera, a computer 486, an electronic data collection device without any moving parts ( Solid State Recorder ), and a fiber optic cable.

Also in the cargo bay, there was the scientific complex IEH -3 ( International Extreme ultraviolet Hitchhiker ), which consisted of six individual experiments. For instance, studies have been made in the extreme ultraviolet range, its moon were studying the plasma of Jupiter, Io and hot stars with the UVstar telescope. In addition, extremely pure crystal films were prepared. During the mission was suspended with PANSAT ( Petite Amateur Naval SATellite ) also a small experimental satellite, which served the data transmission.

John Glenn holds the record with 77 years as the oldest astronaut in orbit. It was started with the mission Mercury - Atlas 6 in 1962 became the first American in orbit one. In this shuttle flight, various experiments were carried out to investigate the effects of weightlessness on the elderly.

In Spacehab and the middle deck, the crew completed during the nine-day mission, a number of interesting experiments in the fields of medicine, biology, micro-gravity, technology and earth observation. The Discovery landed in Florida.

The launch was broadcast live for the first time in HDTV, which at the same time the launch of this technology in the U.S. showed.