A studio (from the French for workshop ) is the work of creative people, such as the workshop of an artist or photographer or a corresponding studio community.

There are workshops in various art disciplines: film studios, fashion studios etc.

In an artist's studio (painters, photographers, fashion designers, etc. ) is a good use of daylight is of crucial importance; therefore here roof studios are common, which are oriented to the north ( even light ). The studio was and is not only the place for the production of art but often also the place for the self-presentation of the artist. A famous example from the period of historicism is the Vienna studio of Hans Makart (1840-1884), which also took place legendary studio parties.

Workshops were particularly since the 19th century itself motifs pictorial representation. Artists who have created famous works, which have the artist's studio on the topic or show an artist at work, for example, are

  • Hans Burgkmair the Elder: Emperor Maximilian in the workshop Burgkmair to 1514-16; Woodcut for the work The Weißkunig of Maximilian I ( HRR )
  • Jan Vermeer: The Art of Painting or Allegory of Painting ( The artist in his studio ), 1665; Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum
  • Georg Friedrich Kersting: Caspar David Friedrich in his studio, 1819; Berlin, Alte Nationalgalerie
  • Carl Spitzweg: The portrait painter, 1854; Schweinfurt, Collection Georg Schäfer
  • Gustave Courbet: The Artist's Studio, 1855; Paris, Louvre
  • Frédéric Bazille: The Studio on the Rue La Condamine was a community workshop in the Parisian artists Batignolles quarter, Bazille with Auguste Renoir was divided from 1868 to 1870.
  • Camille Corot: Thoughtful young woman with mandolin in his studio, 1870; Paris, Louvre
  • Henri Fantin -Latour Un atelier aux Batignolles, 1870; Paris, Musée d'Orsay
  • Adolph Menzel: Studio Wall, 1872; Hamburg, Kunsthalle
  • James Ensor: Still Life in the Studio, 1889; Munich, Neue Pinakothek
  • Dieter Roth (Installation)

Image examples

Studio of the painter J. G. Platzer (1704-1761)

Caspar David Friedrich in his studio (Georg Friedrich Kersting, as amended to 1811)

Atelier of Antoinette Haudebourt - Lescot (1784-1845)

Frédéric Bazille's studio in the Rue La Condamine (Paris), 1870

Studio of the painter Bruno Piglhein, 1884

The studio of the artist, Max Liebermann, 1902

Franz Marc and Maria in the studio, painting by August Macke, 1912

Bauhaus Dessau, studio building, 1925/26,

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: Mountain studio, 1937

The studio of Adolf and Virginia Dehn, 1940

Atelier of Konrad Honold, 1960


  • Myth Atelier: From Spitzweg to Picasso, Giacometti to Nauman in the State Gallery of Stuttgart, October 27, 2012 to February 10, 2013