Mute is a municipality with 1827 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in the Zillertal valley and belongs to the district of Schwaz in Tirol ( Austria ). The municipality is located in the judicial district of Zell am Ziller.

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Geographical Location

Stumm is located in the middle on the right Ziller Zillertal side, opposite of Kaltenbach, on March Murkegel of Bach. The municipality consists of the scattered village of Stumm, and the municipal districts Acham, Ahrnbach and March.

Neighboring communities

Aschau im Zillertal, Hart im Zillertal Kaltenbach, Kaltenbach, Stumm, Uderns


Farm names from vorgermanischer time witness a very old settlement. In the 8th century gave Duke Tassilo III. of Bavaria, which was founded by him pin Herrenchiemsee some goods in mute and mute on the mountain. From a closed basic rule that " Hofmark silent " evolved over the centuries. 1556 sold the pin Hofmark mute that after several times changed hands. 1849 arose from the church today Stumm and Stumm.

Coat of arms

Blazon: In the right red box of the split plate of the holy Rupert in silver with golden halo, in the right hand the golden crosier and in the left a golden vessel holding salt. The left panel divided diagonally to the right, the top of a rising gold black Capricorn, down in black and two ascending golden tips. The colors of the flag are yellow-red community.

In 1995, Mute was awarded as the last municipality in Tyrol, a coat of arms. On the right there with St.. Rupert the patron of the parish church Mute. The left half goes back to the arms of the Lords of Schidenhofen that over 160 years, the Hofmark mute had since the late 16th century.

Culture and sights


Built in 1511 late-Gothic parish church of St. Rupert was expanded in 1772 and Baroque style in the interior.

The Silent Castle was built in place of the older office building of the former Hofmark 1550 Tyrolean -style precious seats.

Economy and infrastructure

The villages around the capital are dominated by agriculture, while there are a number of smaller craft, commercial and service enterprises in the village. Mute is also a two seasonal tourism community.

The main school Mute is the main school for the Sprengel Stumm, Kaltenbach, Ried, Stumm.

Furthermore, there is also a school for adults in Stumm.


Stumm Following the Zillertal, the Zillertal road and rail with stops Angerer Bach Ahrnbach and Kaltenbach- Stumm.


  • Eberharter (born 1969 ), Alpine skier, honorary citizen of silent