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The Stuttgart Region is one of four administrative districts in the state of Baden- Württemberg ( Germany ). He stands in the hierarchy between the counties and urban districts on the one hand and the state government on the other.


The Stuttgart Region is located in northeastern Baden -Württemberg. He is the successor of the dissolved on 31 December 1972 government district of North Württemberg. This had a slightly different cut. To the south it borders the Region of Tübingen, on the west by the administrative district of Karlsruhe, in the north and east by Bavaria. Its current expansion goes back to the administrative and territorial reform of January 1, 1973.


The Stuttgart Region is in its current boundaries in 1973, the former government district of North Württemberg was established in the formation of the southwest state of Baden- Württemberg in 1952. His authority, the regional council, is responsible for this time mainly for the northern part of the former Land Württemberg and the Württemberg part of the state of Württemberg -Baden ( Stuttgart, the capital ), which had emerged after the Second World War from the American zone of occupation. The County therefore first called Regierungsbezirk Nordwürttemberg. The local government reform, which came into force on 1 January 1973, the remit of the Regional Council of Stuttgart has been extended to former Baden areas in the north. In return areas were given the responsibility of regional councils Karlsruhe and Tübingen. Therefore, the government district of North Württemberg was at that time renamed the Region of Stuttgart.


The population figures are census results (¹) or official updates by the State Statistical Office of Baden- Württemberg ( only primary residences ).


The regional council is a government funding agency based in Stuttgart. Chief of the Regional Council, the Mayor, who is appointed as a political official from the Prime Minister. The regional council is subordinate to the Interior Ministry of Baden -Württemberg.

The government president ( since 1967 ):

Administrative divisions

  • Three regions (→ Regional Association )
  • Eleven counties and two urban districts
  • 343 cities and towns, including two urban districts and 38 large district towns

The regions with their urban and rural districts:

The 38 major district towns ( under the administrative supervision of the Regional Council ):