Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen station

  • Franconia Railway ( KBS 780, KBS 790.4-5 )
  • Black Forest Railway ( 790.6 KBS, KBS 790.61 )
  • High-speed line Mannheim -Stuttgart ( KBS 770, KBS 771 )
  • Access line to Kornwestheim
  • Industrial railway Feuerbach


The Zuffenhausen station is a railway station of the Stuttgart S -Bahn in Stuttgart- Zuffenhausen. With its six platform tracks he is one of the largest train stations in the Stuttgart area.

The Zuffenhausen station corresponds, according to the Deutsche Bahn AG, the train station category 3

  • 2.1 S -Bahn
  • 2.2 Regional Transport


Start time

On October 15, 1846, the Royal Württemberg State Railways took the Zuffenhausen station in operation. He was one of the stations of the Württemberg Central train from Stuttgart to Ludwigsburg and had a single storey reception building, where in 1855 the post office was housed. In addition to passengers from Zuffenhausen especially travelers from Korntal took advantage of the new means of transport in the neighboring village.

1852 built the State Railways Northern Railway between Stuttgart and floorcoverings twofold.

Zuffenhausen railway junction

Since the early 1860s, the Directorate of State Railways was planning a connection from the residential town in the northern Black Forest. After prolonged controversy over a route over Böblingen or Zuffenhausen, Parliament decided on August 13, 1865 by law to have branched off the Black Forest Railway in Zuffenhausen of the Northern Railway and Weil and keep a record of the city Leonberg to Calw.

The first section between Zuffenhausen and Ditzingen was opened to traffic on 23 September 1868. It took almost four years until the state railway completed the route. Carl Julius Abel was built in 1868 a new, larger and the increased ridership adequate reception building for the new V- Station. A two-storey extension joined to a three-storey front building. The conclusion to the south formed a polygonal growing like an apse. He served as a waiting room. This was similar to the construction of the - also built by Abel - Reception buildings in Jagstfeld, Brötzingen and Waiblingen. Because of the wait times when transferring a restoration has been established. A goods shed and a locomotive shed with workshop added.

Meanwhile, industrialization began for the village. Headquartered 1868 a cotton factory, a steam brick, and an oil mill. Later on, especially furniture manufacturer made ​​a name in Zuffenhausen. Due to the rapidly increasing population numbers over 10,000, the royal government brought an action on April 23, 1907 Zuffenhausen to the city.


Already in 1907 the state legislature approved the four-tracked expansion between Stuttgart Hbf and Ludwigsburg. In May 1925, the German Reichsbahn placed the section between Feuerbach and the Item 12 (south of Kornwestheim Pbf ) ready. The economic crisis hit the city Zuffenhausen particularly hard and caused a sharp decline in tax revenues. In this emergency the council proposed the incorporation ago in the city of Stuttgart. After approval of the population it occurred on 1 April 1931. A month later, on May 1, 1931, the Reichsbahn named to the train station in Stuttgart- Zuffenhausen.

After the electrification of two tracks began on 15 May 1933 on the Stuttgart Hbf -Ludwigsburg section of the Stuttgart suburb of traffic.

Federal Railroad Time

1973 new SpDr L60 interlocking was put into operation.

For the S -Bahn, the German Federal Railroad built around the station. The relics disappeared in the 19th century. 1980, the old station building was demolished and replaced in 1982 by the present building. In addition to the reception buildings in Waiblingen and Ludwigsburg from 1980 from 1992 is one of the few station new buildings to replace old building after reconstruction in Württemberg.

The track plan in today's S-Bahn area of the station was changed radically in the course of the building. We also find the Überwerfungsbauwerk for the track direction, since the town was founded.

Railway operation

The Zuffenhausen station is a railway junction. The Franks path separates from the Württemberg Black Forest Railway, which here has its zero point at him. The tracks are located on the 2 train to CHF 6 ​​On track 2, the S- Bahn trains stop Stuttgart Hbf, track 4 on the S-Bahn direction Ludwigsburg. The tracks 3, 5 and 6 are used by moving trains.

Per day keep on schedule 320-330 trains.

Track 11, which is traversed by S-Bahn direction of Weil der Stadt, located on a raised platform that is connected by a bridge with the lying above the station Schwieberdinger road. The 991 m long Überwerfungsbauwerk crossing the suburban railway track Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart and the freight track Kornwestheim - North train station. On the flat 385 m long middle part ( with a 210 m long platform) is connected at both ends with 30 per thousand inclined ramps of 290 and 268 m length.

Track 12 serves both the S-Bahn Stuttgart Hbf, as well as individual features of the Württemberg railway company operating between Feuerbach and Weissach.

The Zuffenhausen interlocking Zf is a relay interlocking type DrL60. The Zuffenhausen station is assigned as the station also part of the operating station Stuttgart- Zazenhausen on the railway line Stuttgart -Untertürkheim - Kornwestheim, and the north train station Kornwestheim Pbf is remotely controlled from here.

S -Bahn

Regional Transport