Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy ( 2010)

The Subaru Legacy is a car of the middle class of Subaru.

  • 2.5.1 engines


The Legacy is equipped as standard with Subaru with a boxer engine and all-wheel drive. It is available as a Saloon ( Sedan) and Kombi ( Station Wagon ). At times, it existed as a pickup ( Baja ). The engines offered in Germany range from 76 kW (1.8 - liter four-cylinder from 1989 ) up to 195 kW ( 265 hp) (2.5 - liter four-cylinder, since 2009).

Typical features of the Legacy are:

  • Frameless side windows ( up to the fourth generation)
  • High for a car trailer load of up to two tons
  • Using a reduction gear (for most combined models with manual transmission )
  • Use of a hillholder by Hill Start Assist (for most combined models with manual transmission )
  • A level control for the model Hubertus and other cluster models

Another special feature: In March 2008, a 2.0 - liter diesel engine with 110 kW and 350 Nm of torque was introduced, which is the only series-produced boxer diesel engine in the world. By 2011, Subaru offered in conjunction with the 2.0 -liter and 2.5 - liter petrol engine to a car gas system from the factory.

Model generations

Legacy BC / BJF (1989-1994)

The first Legacy was introduced in January 1989 worldwide. The standard equipment of the Sedan Sedan 2200 wheel included a 5 - speed gearbox, ABS, power steering, central locking, height adjustable steering wheel, two electrically adjustable mirrors, power windows, rear roll lock and an electric glass sunroof, fully controlled three - way catalytic converter.

In Germany there was first the following models:

  • Sedan 1800 ( sedan ): 1.8 -liter four- cylinder boxer engine 76 kW ( 103 hp ), price 1989: DM 29,000
  • Sedan 2200 ( sedan ): 2.2-liter four-cylinder boxer engine 100 kW ( 136 hp ), price 1989: DM 35,000
  • Combined station ( station wagon in standard equipment) 1.8 -liter four- cylinder boxer engine 76 kW ( 103 hp ), price 1989: DM 28,000
  • Combined Super Station 1800 (combined with expanded features ) 1.8 -liter four- cylinder boxer engine 76 kW ( 103 hp ), price 1989: DM 31,300
  • Combined Super Station 2200 ( combined with better equipment ) 2.2-liter four-cylinder boxer engine 100 kW ( 136 hp ), price 1989: DM 36,000

The Sedan and Super station was also available with a 4-speed automatic all-wheel drive and all vehicles offered contented themselves with regular gasoline.

After a facelift in August 1991, an additional 2.0 - liter engine, 85 kW ( 115 hp) and a 2.0-liter turbo engine with 147 kW ( 200 hp ) were offered. The Turbo variant differed externally from the other models by the tires, an air scoop and a rear spoiler.

The model was also sold as Isuzu Geminett II in Asia.

Rear view

Subaru Legacy Sedan (1989-1991)

Subaru Legacy Turbo (1991-1994)

Legacy BD / BG (1994-1999)

The second series was introduced in September 1994, the model designations were changed as follows:

  • Legacy GL ( simple model equipped with 2.0 -liter engine )
  • Legacy GX (better -equipped model with 2.2-liter, from mid-1996 with 2.5 -liter engine )
  • Legacy Outback (model with increased ground clearance, from mid-1996 with 2.5 -liter engine )

The performance of the 2.2-liter engine was 100 kW ( 136 hp ) is reduced to 94 kW ( 128 hp ), which of the 2.0 - liter engine remained at 85 kW. The 1.8 - liter engine and the turbo model accounted for. The models GL and GX gave it both as a sedan and station wagon, the Outback, there were only wagon. With the new series for the first time driver and passenger airbags were installed in legacy models.

As part of a facelift in July 1996, the 2.2 -liter engine with a 2.5 - liter engine with 110 kW ( 150 hp) was replaced. The model had an air suspension, with the help of which the ground clearance could be larger by 40mm. In addition, the model Legacy Outback was introduced, which had a higher ground clearance and a special equipment for the rough road use, such as a rear locking differential. With the facelift, the safety equipment has also been enhanced, depending on the equipment line to side airbags.

Rear view

Subaru Legacy Sedan (1994-1999)

Legacy BE / BH (1998-2003)

In November 1998, significantly modernized third series was introduced, with the production of the previous generation even further ran until March 1999.

  • Legacy GL (standard equipment with 2.0 -liter engine and 92 kW/125 hp)
  • Legacy GX ( better equipment with 2.5 -liter engine and 115 kW/156 hp)
  • Legacy Outback ( later designated off-road version with 2.5 -liter engine and 115 kW/156 hp, from spring 2000 with 3.0-liter 154 kW/209 hp)

The performance of the engines was raised and the spring of 2000 introduced Outback H6 3.0 was first a six-cylinder boxer engine at the Legacy used. The 2.5 -liter and 3-liter automatic models were in the wagon version a vehicle dynamics control with the sales name VDC.

Rear view

Subaru Legacy estate (1998-2003)

Legacy BL / BP (2003-2009)

The fourth series was introduced in September 2003 and was characterized again by a much more modern design than the predecessor model. To date, it is the most commercially successful legacy model. The individual variants were initially distinguished only by the engine capacity indication, since terms such as GL and GX accounted for:

  • Legacy 2.0 ( 101 kW / 137 PS and basic equipment until model year 2005 )
  • Legacy 2.0R (121 kW/165 hp and better equipment from model year 2006 )
  • Legacy 2.5 (121 kW/165 hp and better equipment with optional " Comfort Package" until model year 2005 )
  • Legacy 3.0 (180 kW/245 hp and top facilities to model year 2004)
  • Legacy 3.0R (180 kW/245 hp and top equipment from model year 2005)
  • Legacy 3.0R spec. B ( 180 / kW245 hp and top facilities with additional sports suspension from model year 2005)
  • Outback 2.5 ( later designated off-road version with 121 kW/165 hp and basic equipment )
  • Outback 3.0 ( later designated off-road version with 180 kW/245 hp and better equipment until model year 2004)
  • Outback 3.0R ( later designated off-road version with 180 kW/245 hp and better equipment from model year 2005)

For model year 2006 the following new names for the trim levels were, in addition to the displacement information is introduced:

  • Trend (basic equipment )
  • Active (in addition with VDC vehicle dynamics control, head airbags, seat heating)
  • Comfort (in addition with leather interior )
  • Navigation (in addition with navigation system)

The 3.0 -liter engine received a variable valve timing, whereby a higher performance was achieved. This technique found for the MJ06 also the 2.0 -liter engine use. The old 2.5 -liter engine was still offered in the Outback model line.

The Outback was available only as a wagon in Europe, all other models were sold both as a sedan and as a station wagon. When combined the trunk volume stood at 459-1649 liters for the sedan, at 433 liters. The payload was 435 kg ( 2.0D station wagon) to 550 kg ( 2.0R and 2.5i sedan ). The VDC vehicle dynamics control was for the 3.0R models ( automatic only ), 3.0R spec. B ( circuit and automatic) and 2.0R (automatic equipment from Active) available.

The interior materials were mainly high quality, which manifested itself particularly in the haptic perception and was discussed in various vehicle tests. Also, bonnet and tailgate were gerfertigt to reduce vehicle weight of aluminum, which was not common at that time in mid size cars. Another peculiarity was also the use of red light-emitting diodes for the third brake light and the rear fog lamp of the station wagon.

Subaru Legacy Kombi (2003-2007)

Rear view


In September 2007, the legacy of a primarily visual enhancement was subjected. The design of the exterior includes a new front fascia with a modified grille, more fenders, new headlights and tail lights and a modified chromium decoration on the tailgate.

Since March 2008, the engine range is complemented by a newly developed diesel boxer with an output of 110 kW ( 150 hp). The type designation for this engine is 2.0D.

Subaru Legacy Kombi 2.0D (2008-2009)

Rear view


All engines meet the Euro- 4 standard. R- models are equipped with a variable camshaft adjustment.

Special versions

The S402 was available in two versions from 14 May 2008 - and limited to 402 copies - as a sedan or wagon. Like most special versions of the STi models was also the S402 only available in Japan. He was the five colors of silver, black, WR Blue Mica, matt black and pure white ( special paint ) available. The S402 Sedan cost in the basic equipment 5.355 million yen, the S402 Wagon 5.4915 million yen (prices each with Japanese tax).

Legacy BM / BR (since 2009)

On the New York International Auto Show 2009, the fifth generation of the Legacy / Outback range was presented, which is based on the already presented concept car.

The new Legacy is since September 2009 with the following engine types available: 2.0 petrol and diesel (both 110 kW/150 hp), 2.5 petrol ( 123 kW/167 hp), 2.5 petrol turbo (195 kW/265 hp, only Switzerland ) 3.6 petrol ( 190 kW/258 hp, USA / Canada only ). When transmissions are 6- speed manual circuits ( 2.0 petrol and diesel), CVT automatic ( 2.0 petrol and 2.5 petrol ) and 5- speed automatic gearbox ( 2.5 turbo ) are used.

With the new top engine 2.5 Turbo, the new Legacy, after factory specifications as a sedan and wagon in 6.2 seconds to 100 km / h speed and 245 km / h maximum reach.

Rear view

Subaru Legacy estate (since 2009)


All engines meet the Euro 5 standard


The Legacy is regarded as durable and reliable car and cuts in the statistics of the MOT and ADAC very well. Vehicles and 5 years 3rd place (after Porsche 911 and Honda Jazz ) - Sun reached the Legacy in TÜV Report 2008 car at the 4.

Special models

The Turbo model of the first series (type BC / BJ ) was imported to Germany. With a power to weight ratio of 6.9 kg / hp, it had a very good engine.

Models for rough road use were sold under the name " Hubertus", the main features were a level control and front guard in body color.

Since early 1997, a version with increased ground clearance and special equipment under the name " Outback " is sold. Since the end of 1999, the Outback is managed as a separate series.

In the U.S., a pickup variant of type BE / BH was sold under the name Baja, about 150 copies of this model were imported to Germany.

The Legacy world

The Legacy is made in the main text of Subaru in Gunma Yajima in Japan and Lafayette (Indiana, USA).

The main markets for the Subaru Legacy are Japan, North America, Australia and New Zealand. In these countries, more models are available, some examples:

  • In Japan there are for drivers with mobility problems a transmembrane care model with a rotatable for entry and exit driver's seat.
  • In Japan, Australia and the USA models with turbo or twin turbo engine and up to 206 kW (280 hp).
  • In the Netherlands, Austria and other markets in the Legacy was temporarily offered with front wheel drive.

In Australia, the Legacy under the name of "Liberty" is sold.


  • 2009: Top Safety Pick in 2010 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety