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The Subiaco Oval is the stadium with the largest capacity in the Australian city of Perth. It holds up to 42 922 spectators and is among other things a venue for rugby union matches of the Australian national team and the Western Force. Moreover, in " Subi " are also held various games of Australian Footballs and sporadic concerts.

The foundation stone was laid for the Subiaco Oval in 1908, at that time the place was known as Mueller Park. In 1969, the first major grandstands were built, which were expanded steadily up to the 1990 's. In 1997 there were the first floodlights. Two years later, the date last modernization, as the Subiaco Oval was turned into a pure -seater stadium. Due to its extreme for Australian Football length of 175 meters ( width: 122 meters), it is considered by some opponents of "The House of Pain " since the unusual dimensions often lead to high losses of visiting teams.

2003 tried the telecommunications company Crazy John's to buy the naming rights, but the owners declined the offer. They did not want to sell to a commercial provider the stadium name. In 2005 there were efforts to rename the stadium " ANZAC Field ", but the minister responsible vetoed.

The Western Australian Association, which is responsible for the Australian Football in the region, planned in 2005 to increase the capacity up to 60,000 and expand the infrastructure. This project was 235 million $ A cost and triggered a broad public debate from. The need for a bigger stadium was at least given since alone the Team West Coast Eagles had sold 42,000 season tickets in 2005. In the following months, various models were presented. In July 2007 the Western Australian Government announced that it rather wants to build a new stadium with 60,000 seats, but to expand the Subiaco Oval. Since the death of commentator Wally Foreman is speculated that the new stadium could be named after him. 2008, the government announced that the Subiaco Oval will be demolished to build the new multi-purpose arena on the same site. The new stadium will be built in 2011-2016, with the demolition of the oval 2014-2016 is to take place.

The Subiaco Oval is in addition to the various sports also staging concerts. So here were, among others, Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney and Robbie Williams. However, the stadium has a bad reputation when it comes to acoustics for concerts. However, since there is no other arena with similar proportions in the region around Perth, you still falls back on the Subiaco Oval.

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