The subscription newspaper (in short: subscription newspaper ) is a mainly or often only subscription -based newspaper (usually: Newspapers ). The subscriber agrees to purchase all expenses within a certain period completed. In contrast, a newspaper purchase is only distributed through retail sale. The subscription is the most important form of distribution of regional and local newspapers, which are therefore also referred to as subscription newspapers. From a legal point of view, in a subscription arrangement for a property purchase contract.

Function of the subscription

The subscription consolidate the reader loyalty. Most provide courier or postal subscription to newspapers. A newspaper is usually Subscription cheaper than purchasing them separately.

In contrast to the so-called tabloid this form of distribution channel brings benefits to the newspaper publisher. He has an assured outlet and so neither a sales nor risk remissions for these specimens. The number of subscriptions facilitates the support determination; In addition, the publisher can better plan their missions with the identified cash receipts. The benefits for the subscribers are often discounted price and free delivery.

So much of the financial basis is ensured because a fixed, calculable number of customers of the respective obligations is. In the newspaper crisis, with its decline in circulation, there are more and more often free trials, which are increasingly run by itself ( as with catchy bureaucracy ).

Types and maturities of the subscription

There are different types of subscriptions to newspapers, which differ in terms of delivery, scope, or recruitment. Upon delivery, there is in addition to the postal or courier subscriptions already mentioned the (rare ) Pick Up ( or not to bring his copy in publishing, in an office or in a bookstore from ). Ubiquitous making a coupon book, such as available for the FAZ and the world compact. This allows the blade only when needed and cheaper than in the retail sale to buy anywhere - without the usual subscription nachgeschickte on vacation.

Moreover, in addition to the full subscription part Subscription is (often) possible: it is usually completed weekly on an issue, for example, only on Saturdays because of the detailed display part or just the Sunday edition. The tabloid "Bild" - no subscription newspaper - can the Sunday edition newspaper "Bild am Sonntag" and provide Subscribe by messenger home.

E-paper subscriptions can be for some, mainly national newspapers also use free as a subscriber to the printed newspaper ( such as The World and Frankfurter Rundschau free, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung surcharge). Sometimes there is a sole E-Paper subscription.

School and student subscriptions are discounted usually against proof of enrollment certificate or student ID card. So-called employee subscriptions for employees of the respective newspaper publishing are also reduced.

For sponsorship companies pay subscriptions, for example, universities, schools and charitable institutions newspaper subscriptions.

You can still subscriptions to the nature of the financial statements differentiate, it is a gift subscription, a geworbenes from another subscriber ( LwL - advertise reader reader ), through professional subscribers or advertisers a fixed trial subscription.

With numerous agents try newspaper publishers to attract new subscribers, for example, with premiums, the trial subscription ( maximum of two weeks / monthly magazines in two editions run ), free copies, or short-term maturities of the subscription.

The terms of subscriptions for which undertake the subscribers are between three months and two years. Here it is on the coming of the subscription: the new subscribers were canvassed by other subscribers, premiums or giveaways for example, were awarded? Most run newspaper subscriptions for one year and are renewable for one year if no notice of the reader is present.

Trial subscriptions may not be offered without a request with negative today. Negative options means that the trial subscription after the receipt of the last sample output just keep running if the reader has expressly terminated.

With high numbers of subscribers, the advertising department can very well compete for advertisers, because the hedge the reach of the publication. 2006 appeared in Germany 334 regional subscription newspapers, overall, it is possible to obtain 353 days newspapers by subscription. 14.8 million copies were sold in the second quarter of 2006 in the subscription. The range of subscription newspapers in 2006 was approximately 62%.