Live reconstruction of Suchomimus tenerensis

  • Suchomimus tenerensis

Suchomimus ( " crocodile mimic ") was a genus of theropod dinosaurs.

The request made to the Spinosauriden Suchomimus lived in the Early Cretaceous ( Aptian ) in northern Africa. In 1998, paleontologist Paul Sereno of the his team described an almost complete skeleton of this predatory dinosaur.


Suchomimus was between ten and eleven feet long and walked on two legs. The experts believe that Suchomimus is related to Spinosaurus. Similarly, this had Suchomimus extended Spinalfortsätze of the vertebrae, which were most pronounced over the pelvis, but these were not nearly as long as with Spinosaurus. Since these spinous processes were very broad and strong, they were most likely as starting points for the back muscles.


Suchomimus is by reason of his skull for a dinosaur next to meat also ate fish. His skull with a large theropod unusually long and narrow snout allowed the rapid advancement in the water and the conical pointed teeth were suitable rather for holding small wriggling prey than for cutting meat of large animals. The 30 cm long curved thumb claws he sat possibly similar to grizzly bears at catching a salmon to prey on large fish.