Sudden death (sport)

Sudden Death (English: sudden death; sometimes sudden victory overtime ) is in the sports game decision by the first fallen gate and the first points scored in a game extension. Since the term " death " generally has a negative staining and English Sudden Death stands for sudden infant death syndrome, this name is sometimes replaced with the term sudden victory overtime.


  • In ice hockey the rule is applicable, see Overtime.
  • American Football
  • 1994, the rule was taken over temporarily under the name Golden Goal from FIFA and UEFA to the football rules. Meanwhile, this rule has been abolished.
  • Since the season 2010/2011 a ten-minute extension with Sudden Death is played in every floorball game after draw. The winner gets to the point for a draw another point, no goal is scored, it remains the draw.
  • In Golf (Sport) will continue to play as long in some competitions after a tie until one player has won a hole.