Suellacabras is located in the Sierra del Almuerzo northeast of the provincial capital of Soria in Castile -Leon in Spain municipality with 28 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013). In the local thermal springs of Alhama ( " al - hamma " ) stems from the River Soriano that flow to the Ebro.

San Caprasio is a nearby hermitage, in whose forecourt stela stands. This is attributed to the ability to establish permanent connections. A cyclopean wall ring of five meters in height, which was found in the house the rest of the late Iron Age, one of the Los Castillares ( Castro Soriano ) of this area. This is also a Visigoth necropolis with finds of brooches, glasses, weapons and a " Osculatorios ", a ring with a dove ( a symbol of the Holy Spirit ), which was used by the Arian Goths to bless.