Suezmax is a size specification for ships. It is defined by the maximum dimensions that are allowed for the passage through the Suez Canal laden. The Suez Canal allows the following dimensions:

  • Draught: 20.1 m ( 66 feet [ft ] ) (since January 2010)
  • Height: 68 m
  • Width: 77.49 m (254 ft 3 in )

Since there are no locks on Suez Canal, there is no limitation on the length.

Since the last deepening of the Suez Canal is fully loaded of 62.6 % of all tankers, 96.8 % of bulk carriers ( Bulk Carrier) and 100% of container ships and other vessels will be passed through. The term Suezmax has thus largely lost its practical significance.

The height restriction of 68 m is not relevant for a large portion of the vessels. It merely for crane ships or heavy or multi- purpose vessels with high deck cargo is a limiting factor dar.

Either for tankers and container ships is usually the limiting factor of the draft. In Suezmax tankers is approximately 240,000 dwt

There are (as of mid 2013) no container ships that have reached this limit ( see table container ship # development of ship size).