Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens ( born July 1, 1975 in Detroit, Michigan) is an American singer-songwriter and musician. Among other things, he plays guitar, banjo, piano, organ, bass, oboe, saxophone, flute, accordion and drums. He currently lives in New York.

Biography and creative work

His music is to settle in the folk and indie genre. Stevens created for the two U.S. states of Michigan and Illinois each have a private album (" Greetings from Michigan " and " Come On Feel the Illinoise !"). Uncertainty as to the truth value of the widespread message that he would record their own albums for the remaining states. It can be found both affirmative and dementierende interview statements, often in a self-deprecating context.

While his first release " A Sun Came " yet, moved mainly in the fields of folk indie rock and guitar, he experimented on the instrumental album "Enjoy Your Rabbit" with electronic sounds and elements of contemporary music. With the following albums Stevens takes a peculiar style and combines folk and rock elements with complex orchestrations arranged, polyphonic choirs and the intricate rhythms of Art Rock.

In 2005, Sufjan Stevens gets the New Pantheon Award ( also Shortlist Music Prize ) for his album ' Illinois ' and can prevail against nominated artists such as Arcade Fire, Kings Of Leon, Antony & The Johnsons, Bloc Party and The Decemberists.

The songs ' Chicago 'and' No Man's Land ' from the albums Illinois and The Avalanche ' be used in 2006 for the independent film Little Miss Sunshine. In addition, his song was " For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti " for the TV series OC California used at the funeral of Johnny.

"The perpetual self, or" What would Saul Alinsky do " " from the album "The Avalanche " gained fame in 2010 as a title for the trailer of the movie " Babies".


Studio albums

  • A Sun Came (2000)
  • Enjoy Your Rabbit (2001)
  • Michigan ( also Greetings from Michigan: The Great Lake State, 2003)
  • Seven Swans (2004)
  • Illinois ( Come on Feel the Illinoise also; ! 2005)
  • The Avalanche ( Outtakes from the Illinois album, 2006)
  • The BQE (The Brooklyn Queens Expressway ) (2009 )
  • The Age of Adz (2010)


  • All Delighted People EP ( 2010)


  • Songs for Christmas (2006; 5 EPs )
  • Silver and Gold (2012; 5 EPs )


  • The Dress Looks Nice on You (2004)
  • I Walked (2010)
  • Too Much (2010)